3 awesome things on last weekend

1. We found the polka dot cow and submitted the photos and we won!

For the past one month, there has been so many plywood-made cows all over the town. This is actually a movement to raise awareness for liking outdoors and environment. The advertisement also mentioned that if we found the polka-dot cow who surfs, we could win a prize!

Guess what, when strawberry visited last weekend, I literally walked kilometers everyday with her, going around Singapore and we found the polka-dot cow!!!



My friend Ricky was with us and submit this picture of me and my two besfriends, quoting “Reunited with old friends.”

The submitted photo

The submitted photo

And guess what again, he won the lucky draw prize! Here’s the proof.

I never won anything in my life!

I never won anything in my life!

Well, it wasn’t me who won, but technically I won too. Haha!

The funny thing is… last Saturday Ricky and I talked about those times when we used to go to the movies for free. Ricky used to receive free tickets from his brother and would bring me to movie theater. I said “Oh how I miss the times of going to movies for free.”

And the lucky draw prize is… a pair of Gold Class movie tickets!!!

GEEZ!!! How words could really turn into prayers that easy!!! Now you know you REALLY can’t talk about bad things cause it could happen!!! I remember this quote I’ve read long time ago…

“Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, ‘It might have been.” —John Greenleaf Whittier

So yeah, that also works for saying good things, it might happen!

Ah awesome, I’m going to a Gold Class cinema for freaking free!!! I went to Gold Class before and it was free too (Bandi got a free pair as a gift for being the most likable colleague on his company’s dinner) and it was AWESOME! I’ve tried the 21 Premierre in Bandung before but seriously this is much much more awesome! I think there was only 40 people per cinema and the barcalounger chair is so great and the screen is also. The ticket costs $38 per person if I’m not wrong.

I remember I told Bandi I don’t think I will ever purchase a movie ticket this expensive, so if it wasn’t free I would never go. But yeah, I’m kinda lukcy. =)

2. I FINALLY ate syomai abang-abang after one and half year!



Yeah!!! FINALLY!!! Even though the photo doesn’t look appetizing, trust me, it was very VERY GOOD! (Well, even the worst syomai still tastes good for me. I LIKE SYOMAI like crazy!) My strawberry is so criminal minded she smuggled the syomai into the cabin!!! Hahaha. Worth the risk, mi amigo!

3. This photo! And the fact that I spent my weekend with my bestfriend.

This photo is priceless and editless. =)

This photo is priceless and editless. =)

I have never laid on the grass like this before (I always wanted though) and even though we both had a problem with ants, we did it. Of all the hundreds of photos we had taken that weekend, WE LOVE this photo the most!!! And trust me, it took so many effort to open the eyes because the sun was just too bright! We finally found a wide tree and laid down beneath the tree. And this is the first shot ever! =D

And anyway, this photo was taken at the park of Vivo City’s balcony.


May, physically exhausted.

Err, Let me have one bonus collage photos of Strawberry and me. =D



27 thoughts on “3 awesome things on last weekend

  1. Emang bener dech May….kalo kita nemu sahabat yang bisa klik banget sama kita, berasa happy! Anyway, itu somay abang-abang beli dmn?

  2. Beughh.. Somay aje dah sampe di sing yah, trus gw kapan??ahhaha… :p

    Keren deh bisa menang, bener quote itu May. Misi mau ditwit yah :p

  3. This is an enviable feel-good post by an enviable feel-good lady.

    One thing though. That cow is a very peculiar cow. Not a Polka cow, but rather a useless cow suffering from lack of udder and teats. And from some mysterious variant of measles. A pitiable animal :(.

  4. siomaaaaay <3
    aku ngga begitu suka yang pake bumbu kacang sih, lebih suka yang kaya di tempat dimsum2 pake sambel bangkok gitu wehehehe :3

      • habis aku jarang makan dimsum sih, mahal bener di sini ce :/
        kalo siomay abang2 aku pilih2 soalnya, cuma suka yang di depan SMA dulu sama yang di depan dokterku XD ahahahhaa
        sekarang lagi ngga bisa makan siomay abang2 sih, soalnya lemak dari kacangnya itu masih dipantaang huhuu *sedih*

  5. Ih rejeki loe may..dapet door prize! gw seumur idup kayaknya baru sekali menang lewat twitter pulak senengnya ampun ampunan hahaha! aarghhh.siomaaayyyyy!! gila dah lama bgt gw ga makan siomay…udah lupa kali ama rasanya <–hiperbolis bgt. Ih fotonya cakep di rumput2 itu, trus loe bentol2 gak may?hihi.

    • Hahaha sama pie, gue juga norak abis kok menang itu hahaha, biasanya gue nggak hoki soal barang2 gratis. Eh apa udah berubah yah? (langsung beli nomor togel)
      Untungnya semut yang di vivo agak lebih berperi-kesemut-an jadi nggak gigit parah. Yang di deket rumah sih lebih parah pisan. X(

  6. wah lumayan banget yach dapet lucky draw hehehe gw sampe skrg belum perna nonton gv gold class sama kaya loe males kalo ngga gratis hahaha.. tapi so far juga belum perna dapet gratisan gv gold class hihi..
    duh jadi pengen siomai abang2.. *mupeng*

  7. Oooooh… itu toh gunanya para sapi itu!! Dulu gw suka bingung kenapa banyak sapi dipajang di pinggir jalan.
    Eh itu foto siomay lo gede & berkilauan kaya gitu, kok bikin gw laper yak bok?? Gimana inih???

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