That day when the universe revolves around you.

It’s the day.

The day when you can do anything you want, seriously anything.

The day when everything’s just so right.

The day when you feel the most special of all.

That day when you’d love all the attention to you on facebook and twitter and path and all of those. (Hell yeah I am loving the attention! XD)

The day when you are assured one more time that you are deeply loved, that you are surrounded by people who loves you like crazy.

The day when you are not only gaining age but also gaining weight for all the cakes and sweets!

The day when you are not only getting older but also getting wiser, getting lovelier and of course sexier!

The day when once in a year, the universe revolves around you.

The day it’s the birthday.

And I had mine like a blast yesterday!

I had hundreds of wishes (no “hope you’d get married” ones unless from boyfie’s mom), lots of presents (which I reaaallly really love!), maximum amount of sugar and sweets, drank the best milkshakes ever, went to animal shelter, played with the dogs, ate my favorite food, kissed my favorite person, joked with my favorite people, watched free pantomime, went on a picnic while watching a Shakespeare’s play (seriously isn’t it the best or what?) and I laughed and laughed and laughed.

I am loved, blessed, healthy and happy. I can’t possibly want more.

Photo 20-5-13 11 22 53 AM

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you people! THANK YOU!!!!


May, having a blast.

55 thoughts on “That day when the universe revolves around you.

  1. Cieeeehh… yang bakalan dapet kiriman kadooooo…. cieeeehh….
    May, lo terlihat cantik sekali loh di foto2 itu. Not that you looks ugly on other times, hahah, cuma ini lo keliatan fresssshhh banger!! Happy birthday again :)

    • Hahaha tepuk tangan utk my facial lady then hahahaha!
      Cieeeehh yang ngirimin kado cieeehhh!! Ih gue terharu loh di seriusan!!! Gue bukain kotak surat tiap hari hahahaha. Lu pake acara kirim kiss ke postman kagak? XD

  2. Happyyyy Birthdayyy Mayy!!!.. Semoga dikabulkan semua yang diharapkan yahh :D Wajah sumringahmu membuat ku senyum2 sendiri.. Kebahagiaan itu nular yah :D

  3. happy birthday may girl!
    gw juga suka hari ultah, berasa jadi putri sehari dan jadi paling cantik sendiri. HAHAHA
    Semoga happy terus sepanjang tahunn yaa mayy!

  4. Wow, “loved, blessed, healthy and happy”. And I’ve got this gut feeling it was not just yesterday, but today and the other 363 days till next birthday (which will be the moment in time where the loop continues :)).

  5. happy birthday may!!!
    hope you’d get married soon! huahahaha *lagi ultah gak boleh marah! :P*

    moga2 selalu sehat dan panjang umur dan selalu happy ya may… :)

    • Ke SPCA. Gue sekalian mau ngambil voucher krn gue volunteer disana. Jadinya sekalian bawa bandi maen sama anjing. Hehe.
      Spca skrg masih di Mt Vernon road, but soon we’ll be moving to choa chu kang. :)

  6. Mbak May Happy birthdaayyy!!! Panjang umur sehat selalu semoga berkah semuanya sukses segalanya and have the awesomest year ahead yaah <3

    Kiss kiss from Aiko

  7. Waaaah….the last Taurean! *toss* :D
    Happy birthday May…..semoga selalu sehat dan bahagia.
    Tetap bermimpi, berkreativitas dan berkarya yaaah….. :)

  8. wawaawaa telat. happy belated bday May! you look so cute, picknick basket nya jg lucu, iihh cupcakes nya jg..#gak fokus have a wonderful year ahead may!

    • ultahnya beda sehari ama g..hehe. btw itiniery yang ke sing nya g pake loh..ngebantu banget. walopun encok2 kaki g..jalan dari merlion ke helix bridge..pheww..wakakaka…thanks yakk..

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