5 things to bitch about

Hey-ho! I’m back and ready for bitching!!!

Disclaimer: Not for those who are overly sensitive about everything.

I’ve been in a sour mood these couple of days because of my bloated tummy, which is my own fault because I’ve been snacking too much Pringles and eat no fruit at all. Guess the PMS is attacking.

Anyhow, I don’t have any moral-of-the-story kind of post to write about, so I will be writing what I’m really good at: bitching. Haha!

Long time ago, someone told me that my blog had so many positive posts and had inspired him, which flattered me of course. It is true that I mostly write about dare to dream, being positive and believe on things. I am a positive person, I know that. But if you know me in a real life, you would probably realize this: I bitch A LOT.

As much as I want to keep my bitching in the real life only and filter my output on my blog to be mostly positive (because I like to re-read my posts over and over again and love to see the positive posts) sometimes I couldn’t help to bitch out. It turns out my post of bitching about marriage hit my personal record of daily hit. The hit is doubled up from the usual hit. Guess people love to see some dirt.

So I told myself, it’s okay for you to bitch out once in a while. It’s nice to bitch out and be heard. If people get offended, then it’s their problem.

Owkaayy, enough for the prologue. In this post, I will talk about the top five things that I found useless and wasting money and time. Some of you might not agree, but again, that’s your problem. I’m not looking for a validation, I’m just bitching. X-p

Buying branded bags

Seriously, I don’t know why people would buy a bag for a freaking $3,000?!!! I’ve been trying to put a sense into that but seriously, the more I think about it, the more confused I get. I tried once to talk to my friends who love to buy branded bags and they said when women get older, they’ll want it. Branded bags are like wisdom, you’ll get it when you’re matured enough. (What? Really?)

I think I’ve grown enough to call myself woman, and still I don’t want that, even the cheaper version like LV. Let me get this straight first: In Singapore, it is very common for a man to buy his date an LV bag. The cost of LV bag is about S$1,200 which should only cost about 20-25% or a man’s monthly salary. It’s like a society validation to prove that you are capable to feed your woman. (Or implicitly telling that you have money to shower a girl with gifts.)

It is pretty common for a guy to buy his lady an LV bag (or Chanel or Prada if he’s richer) on A FIRST DATE. It shows that he wants to be serious in a relationship. Ohhh… What a messed up world we live in.

When Bandi and I were hanging out with my friends who talk about branded bags, one of my friend’s boyfriend asked Bandi “Have you prepared to buy May a bag?” and Bandi was laughing, “She’s not into bag.” Then the girls stared at me in disbelief, “No waaaay!!! Maybe you just haven’t found the right bag!”

No Ladies, I have found mine. This Mango Bag I’ve been using for the last 2 years costed only $60. You want to talk about quality? I wear this bag every single day for the last 2 years to work! How’s that for a $60 quality?? Geez!

It’s not like I’m very stingy to spend time for my looks. I’m still a girl who loves to shop. But buying a $3,000 bag is just….. Arrgh, I can’t find the right word for it. Let me know if you find one.

And and and… there’s this ‘tradition’ in Singapore that the man will be the one who brings his lady’s bag.

What’s the point of having a branded bag if you ask your boyfriend holding it??? And men, if you’re holding your girlfriend’s bag, you’re a pussy!!!

Rhoma Irama running for President.

He’s running for president. It’s literally running for the position of president of Indonesia. Literally. Oh how I wish it meant running towards the president. OH!!!!

He’s REALLY thinking about running for president. REALLY.

What, wait, REALLY??? REALLY????


Do you really want me to start bitching about it? Do you??? DO YOU?!!!

(Let’s just pretend I never talk about Rhoma Irama on my blog.)

Okay… NEXT!

Going abroad with tour

I know a lot of people doing this but this really doesn’t make sense to me. Why people are using some touristy Tour Agent’s itinerary and just sit back and relax on the tour bus, when planning a trip is a fun part of the traveling itself? And remember, it’s not an adventure unless you’re lost somewhere.

It’s not like I’m a travel agent-virgin. I do go on a day tour like Phi-Phi Island Tour or Halong Bay Tour because apparently that’s the only way to go. I also will give excuse if you on tour with your parents because some parents don’t like adventure and they just want to go jalan-jalan on a tour. But seriously, I don’t understand why young people want to go on a travel agent’s tour such as “8 magical day in Korea” or “15 amazing days in Australia”. Geez, what’s so magical and amazing about sitting on a bus with people talking about a foreign culture on your own laguage?!

Isn’t traveling worth more than just taking pictures of yourself and a landmark? It’s supposed to be meeting local people, eating local food, get lost in a foreign city and find your way back and learn something new.

Traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

Remember that. =)

If the old folks who didn’t have internet back then could go abroad without a tour, then your excuse of “I don’t know anything about the country” should just go to hell.

People watching “Keeping up with The Kardashians”

Enough said.

Pre-wedding photo

Until now, I don’t understand what’s the purpose of pre-wedding photo? Please please tell me what the purpose is. If it’s simply for fun, then it’s an expensive useless fun. I don’t understand why can’t we just use the photos from holiday or possible one-time indoor studio for a header photo of your wedding? Should we really pay so much money for taking photos on our wedding gown, pretend to melancholy glare to some sunset further away?

Don’t be offended. It’s individual preference to do pre-wedding photoshot. Some of my close friends do that and I still say this in front of their faces, “For me it’s useless.” But hey, everyone is different, if you wanted to do it then do it, regardless how mean I might bitch about it.

Isn’t pre-wedding photoshot expensive? And Why do most people choose pre-wed photos over a honeymoon?! Why why whhhyyyy???

I really don’t get it why people do that… whhhhyyyy? Why don’t you just use the pictures you already had when you were two dating? Why do you need to spend extra money just for a pre-wed photos? I reaaaally don’t understand.

I will give an excuse if it’s free. But paying for pre-wed photos? Who would do that???

Well, I never plan any wedding, maybe I don’t know shit about how wedding should be. Maybe it is supposed to be with pre-wed photos. But, aren’t wedding supposed to be whatever you want to?

But again, if you want to spend money for pre-wed photos, it’s your call. It’s your money anyway. I hope it’ll be well spent. (NOT)

Ahhhh, what am I talking about? I never had a branded bag, never met Rhoma Irama in person, never went on a tour trip, never watched “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and never planned a wedding. What do I know, right??

So yeah, now my blog is not so inspirational anymore, huh, Keven? Hahaha.


May, bitching out online.

52 thoughts on “5 things to bitch about

  1. HAHAHHA this is very funny, eventhough i do some of those things you mentioned above LOL. (no, it’s not buying a branded bags, nor voting Rhoma irama as a new president. not a chance!)
    No worries, i dont want to argue, nor get offended, instead i do think this is hilarious. i guess you are right when mentioning that people do love some dirt :p , (that’s why i enjoy watching keeping up with kardashians. cant you believe it? hahaha).

  2. 1. buying branded bags
    yah itu sih tergantung income juga kali ya. kalo orang yang duitnya jutaan dollar, bag seharga $3000 mungkin rasanya sama ama bag yang seharga $60 buat kita. sementara buat orang yang incomenya 1 juta rupiah (or less), mungkin juga gak abis pikir ngapain ada orang yang beli bag seharga $60… bag dia harganya 60rb juga bagus… :D no offense ya.. :D

    2. rhoma irama running for president
    well… don’t you know that politik indonesia adalah panggung komedi terbesar di dunia? :P

    3. going abroad with tour
    you know what… that’s one of my dream lho acutally! huahaha. gua seumur2 belum pernah pergi keluar negeri pake tour! eh pernahnya cuma ikut city tour, tapi belum pernah yang bener2 ikut tour selama seminggu gitu misalnya. dan gua pengen lho! huahaha. rasanya pasti enak kan, gak perlu mikir abis ini mesti kemana kemana, semua udah diurusin. :P yah emang sih gak flexible, apalagi kalo bawa anak pasti ribet ya. tapi pengen aja sih someday gua ngerasain yang namanya ikut tour. :D

    4. people watching ‘keeping up with kardashians’
    jangan gitu lho… si esther suka nonton! huahaha.
    actually gua juga punya pemikiran yang sama lho ama lu. apa bagusnya sih nonton keeping up with kardashians… sampe suatu hari gua kebosenan, gak ada yang bagus di tv, dan akhirnya gua nonton keeping up with kardashians yang mereka lagi di NY. dan gua akhirnya sempet nonton beberapa episodes… and i enjoyed them! Huahaha. tapi abis itu gua insaf kok gak pernah nonton lagi. :P

    5. pre-wedding photo
    it’s really just because of the moment. the excitement. that’s all. setelah udah kelar married ya udah gak diliat2 lagi. trus heboh motret2in anak. hahahaha.
    yah pre wed photo is just for fun lah… :D
    eh eh.. ada gunanya sih… buat dipejengin di blog! :P

    • Hahahah comprehensive banget nih komen lo man. Gue baru denger nih orang yang pengennya ikut tour. Aneh lo!
      Iya kali yaaa kayak paris hilton gitu ambil tas kok kayak kita beli syomai (lho kok ngomongin syomai lg)

      • iya asli pengen banget gua ikut tour. belum pernah kali ya soalnya. hahaha.

        abis kalo pergi sendiri rasanya beban gak sih bikin itinerary nya? kalo ikut tour kan tinggal ngikut aja, gak pake mikir. apa2 diurusin. hehehe :P

  3. Aaaaw we should meet! Guess we have some similar thoughts! *jadi agak nyesel kemaren nggak sempet2in ketemu bentaaaar aja*
    Gue setuju loh sama SEMUA point yang lo tulis di atas. Cuma ga kepikiran sampe bikin posting sih ah. Hwahahahaha. Gue bakal komen panjang nih!

    Branded bags >>> Waktu kecil, gue bingung sama cici2 & cici sepupu yang pada heboh soal branded bags dan perhiasan. Gue pikir karena gue masih kecil jadi belum ngerti, tapi ternyata sampe sekarang, gue sama sekali gak tertarik. Kemaren di Sg cuma beli tas Esprit diskonan $50 aja dan saya udah puas! Suami pun senang :p

    Rhoma Irama >>> Nggak perlu dibahas lah ya… Itu orang cari publikasi doang kali maklum udah kurang terkenal. Lo gak bahas Farhat Abbas? itu lebih cangcing lagi!

    Tour >>> Ya menurut gue sih kalo buat orang2 tua ato yang samsek gak bisa bhs Inggris, masih gue terima laaaah. Tapi kalo masih muda, ngerti browsing di internet, bisa bhs Inggris walau dikit2, buat apaan ikut tour? Ih aku tak suka tak suka…’dipaksa’ ke tempat2 yang gue ga mau, padahal kita yang bayar.

    Kardashians >>> Walau banyak yang demen, gue juga mengernyitkan dahi, apa yang ditonton sih?!

    Pre wedding photo >>> gue juga nggak ngerti!!! Haha. Ya ya…gue n benny juga ada prewed photo siiiiih TAPI itu karena kita dikasih harga super duper murah dan fotograpernya rayu2. Haha. Yaudin lah iseng-iseng. Tadinya mah pre wed photo nggak ada di budget kita. Lah menurut kita, pre wed photo ya foto2 selama kita pacaran. Dan menurut gue pribadi, bergaya2 berdua buat di foto, yang sebenernya nggak ada moment yang jelas di situ, buat apaan yak? Kan bagusan foto-foto pas kita pacaran, lagi travelling berdua, lagi beraktifitas, yang bring backs memory. Ya gak ya gak?

  4. hahahahahaha.. aduh ngakak bacanya..
    soal tas: errrr… iya sih.. kenapa ya harus tas puluhan juta..pernah beli tas 300$ aja kayak udah berdosa banget hihihi trus.. pas dipake2 akhirnya tas dari merek mana yang cuma 20$ yang kepake.

    rhoma irama: lucuuk tauuuuuuk.. ih bakalan seru panggung politik endonesiah kalok beneran jadi..

    pre wed: karena nikah itu fotografernya temen2 juga, ya pada nanya mau foto prewed gak.. ya udah lah foto prewed, tapi biasa doang gak make up an gak sanggulan kebayaan yang trus fotonya di hutan-hutanan trus nunjuk arah kemana gitu engga.. apalagi sampe nyewa Kuda segala *ngikik, pas emang lagi jalan2 trus temen nawarin, mumpung pake bajunya agak mirip sekalian lah foto2an trus gue photosopin hahahaha.
    tapi iya loh, ke sininya gue jarang foto berdua ama laki. kalok gak motoin anak, motoin anak ama laki yg lagi maen..

    tur pake paket tur.. errrr..errr.. hihihiihihi berasa ikutan tur ama nenek gue jaman dulu. ogah

  5. Hahahaha setuju semua, cuma mau komenin satu yang prewedding photo, aku kemaren bikin karena tujuannya adalah buat dipajang di acara resepsi. Soalnya secara aku sama si bebeb itu LDR-an, dan bisa dibilang ta’aruf lah ya soalnya proses perkenalan sampe merit itu gak ada 1 tahun, jadilah kita gak punya poto bareng. Kemaren waktu prewedding photo gayanya juga masih agak2 awkward gitu hahaha :D

  6. I’m planning for my wedding at the moment, and we’re going to take prewedding photos. We don’t take many pictures of ourselves. We didn’t date for too long before deciding to get married, so we’ve never had holiday together. Even if we did, I’m guessing I would have taken creative pictures of the landmarks rather than of us posing in front of the landmarks. So prewedding photos are for our memory, something that we can hang in our future home. And yeah, probably dating photos would be more meaningful, but I’d say it’s nice to have a professional takes our picture.

  7. ikutan ngeramein ah!! *sambil bawa tanjidor*

    gw mah orang yang ga nolak kalo dikasih branded bag atau ga dipaksa suruh beli hahaha .. kalo emak gw bilang beli karena kualitas cuma makin ke sini orang tuh beli karena prestige kali yaaaa biar uhuy geto! gw suka tas, may!! tapi gw beli karena model! bukan karena brand .. tapiii kalo dipikir semua tas ada brandnya bukan, coba dipikir hahahaha :) ntar gw produksi merek gajah duduk loe harus beli yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)

    kalo soal bang rhoma, aku hanya bisa teriak judiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! HAHAHAHA .. itu sih guyonan sekampung jadinya. hihihi gw juga penganut pergi-suka-suka-hati-ga-pake-tour. kalopun pake tour ya model macem loe yang ambil harian geto. apa mau tukeran itinerary nih kita? :)

    soal nonton keeping up gw, kena pelototan-maut dari si remon hahahaha .. gw suka nonton kadang-kadang dengan dasar kepo! hahaha ..

    prewed itu karena orang pada ngikutin tren aja kali yaaa .. gw sih prewed, lha wong gratissss .. atuh mubazir kalo ga hihi .. gw sih seneng2 aja mejeng di kamera, maklum banci kamera. gw prewed buat seru2an ajaaa .. buat dipajang di kawinan sama pajang di rumah hihi .. dan tebak donk aku prewed dimana?!! KFC kallang!!!! :)

    • YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Elo mah semua komennya diatas dasar kan ke-gratisan.
      kalo tasnya gratis boleh, kalo pre-wed gratis juga boleh.
      kalo judi gratis juga pasti di-sah kan kali sama Bang Rhoma! Hahahahaha!
      KFC Kallang! ya ampuuuunnn prince William dan kate kalah romantis dah Gill!!! X-D

  8. Ngoahahahaha… You know what? I agree with all your point in this post, triple agree malah XD
    And lucky you, can be bitching without hide your real identity, not like me :D
    Too much sensitive people (and also the easy judging one) in my another media, and i make this blog just try to release my “bitchiness”, hey, i need to say something out loud without hurt somebody know me, right? Hehehe :D

      • Ettdaagghh busyeett, rebel bener si mbak e.. Hehe.. Gue sih masih berasa nggak enak kalo mesti sarkas di kalangan orang-orang yang hatinya rada sensian… Tapi kalo gregetan pengen nyolot ya nyolot aja gitu jadinya, manatahaannn XD

  9. hahaha… senyum-senyum sendiri baca post ini :lol:

    gw termasuk yang bikin foto prewed, soalnya semasa pacaran jaraaaaang banget foto bareng. adanya foto bareng pas wisuda atau pas di kawinan temen hahaha… meskipun judulnya prewed tapi fotonya casual ga pake gaun pengantin & jas, cukup di wedding day ajalah pake wedding gown, ribet soalnya. it’s fun & gw suka hasilnya. bahkan sampe sekarang kadang masih suka liatin foto prewed dulu :)

    soal capres, belom lagi ditambah si pengacara duta sumpah pocong ikut nyapres, plus belakangan ada kabar si eyang bejibun istri juga mau ikut-ikutan, moga-moga sih becanda doang ya..

      • itu.. eyang subur yang disini lagi heboh di inpoteinmen ribut ama adi bing slamet. gw sih ga terlalu ngikutin, cuman kemaren nyokap gw bilang beritanya si eyang mau nyapres :( moga-moga aja cuman becandan pengacaranya dia aja.

  10. That was not bitching. That was what all sensible people would say on bags, fools grown megalomaniacs, tours, insipid series and pre-wedding photos ( what the hell are pre-wedding photos???). That was actually the most positive post on this blog ever.

  11. Mayyy.. Gilee diriku setujuuuu sama semuaaa point yang dirimu tulisss..Sungguh..

    Branded bags: Ada disatu postingan gue yg gw tulis soal tas KW :p Ya udah sik, kalo emang gak mampu beli LV dan sejenisnya beli aja merek yg agak terjangkau yah.. *lirik si Mama* Mana udah beli KW harganya masih 2jt-an pulak…ckckck..

    Rhoma Irama: Anggap aja dia angin lalu.. *ketawa sampe usus mau keluar*

    Tour : Mungkin akan sekali ikut tour nanti, pengen bgt ngajak ortu ke Holyland. Jadi tak mungkin berbekpeking kesonoh. Padahal aslinya gw demen bgt bekpeking.

    KUWTK:Pass deh, liat iklannya aja lgsg ganti channel..ahhaa

    Prewed photo: Pembenaran ke gue bangettt iniii!!! Thankss May!!.. Semoga paketan yang ada prewed bisa diganti ke hal lain.. Maunya majang foto pas jalan berdua, foto yg bener2 masa sebelum wedding..hehehe..

    Ditunggu postingan selanjutnya..hihihi

    • Ooiyaaa gue lupa bitching about tas KW!!! Hahahahaha! Gue punya dong tas KW satu biji!! Bagus deh Chanel warna pink gitu hahahaha so vain banget deh gue. Tapi in the end gue maw make suka gak tega sama integrity sahhhh keren ga tuh bahasa gue.

  12. May…oh.em.jih. HILARIOUS xD !! gw ini emang orang gunung bgt deh,gw baru2 ini aja ngeh kok orang2 bnyk pake tas branded ya apa ga sayang sm duit?tas mahal gitu kan sayang dipake sehari2,jd ga leluasa make nya karena kan takut napa2. Gw ga punya tas branded, malah beli tas second hand murah & demen bgt yg modelnya kuno. rusak,buang, beres.

    jalan2 pake tur buat orang2 muda? baru denger. again, orang gunung.

    rhoma irama jd presiden? ancur aja ni negara.

    kardashians yak?dulu gw nonton loh krn penasaran ya akhirnya malah keterusan tp sungguh nonton itu bikin loe bego!bahasanya bodoh,orang2nya bodoh.sekarang dah kapok gw nonton itu…kata suami gw loe nonton 1 episode KUWTK bikin IQ loe rendah 10 point LOL !! Pre-wed..aseli gw gak ngerti! rada narsis ga sih..dan konyol…hihi. baru kali ini gw denger ada orang yg sependapat ma gw ttg pre-wed photos kyk loe. tp emang gw dasarnya ga demen foto2 narsis sih hehe.

    Saya sangat menikmati postingan Anda ini saudari May hahahaha!!!

    • Kalo nonton KUWTK sampe ber-season2 minus dong IQ nya. Doengk!!!
      Terima kasih loh saudari Oppie, ditunggu postingan anda soal langkah2 mengubah nama di pengadilan tinggi. Hahahaha (ini permintaan egois banget)

      • Langkah2 nya ya: ke Kehakiman, dicuekin. Trus di transfer ke pengadilan, tp lamaaa gak di tanggepin akhirnya salam tempel deh, trus jadi dalam waktu bbrp hari nama gw diperbaikin plus dapet akte lahir baru..gw jg bingung mau ngasi tau nya ke elo May wong dah 5 taun yg lalu pas gw apply visa ke belanda. Dan yah itu..salam tempel bok *tertunduk malu*

  13. Soal belanja tas bermerk. Tadinya saya juga pikiran yang sama dengan kamu. Untuk apa coba ngeluarin duit sekian puluh juta rupiah untuk tas yang… yah gitu deh? Dan gak cuma tas bermerk, yang lain juga, semacam jam, baju, dll. Tapi, semakin dipikirin lagi apa yang dibilang Koko Arman di komennya ya bener juga. Kalau gajinya emang seabrek-abrek, harga tas semahal apapun ya gak masalah. Bisa jadi karena dia memang kelewat mampu, bisa jadi karena gaya hidup dan lingkungan, bisa juga karena yah dia gak tahu mau ngabisin duitnya gimana lagi. :D

  14. HAHAHAHAHA…*ketawa dulu sampe puas*
    I like your blog May, no matter when you are in super-wise mode or when you’re bitching like this. I still found it inspirational…especially when you put all those funny moving GIF pictures
    *if you don’t like it, you can tell Barney to shoot me*

    Anyway I agree with 4 of the points you mentioned above
    1. Except electronics, I don’t really care about brand. For me, a thing is useful if it have a reasonable price, according to it’s usefulness…
    2. I don’t know what to say about this one. If he won the elections, if Indonesian people is really that stupid to vote for him, I would move to another country and change my citizenship. I swear.
    3. Yeah, for me, the most important thing about traveling is not only the journey, but also the preparation. It’s fun when we plan everything together and actually carry that plan out. Figuring where to go, get lost, and accidentally found something great on the way. My happiest moment from a journey is always seem to come when we stumble upon one thing while in pursuit of something else.
    4. I didn’t watch it either, so no comment
    5. This one, I didn’t say that I didn’t agree. I couldn’t agree because I haven’t thought anything about this yet. Maybe someday in the future I could tell you my opinion.

    Phew…what a long comment. See? Even your bitching is still inspirational, hahaha >_<

  15. Wah… ternyata banyak yang berpikiran mirip-mirip begini. Kalo gw baca komen-komen diatas gw ini, rata-rata bilang, “I agree with you…”. Tapi, balik lagi ke dunia nyata, banyak banget contoh-contoh orang-orang penganut faham yang lo jabarin itu. Gw, sebagai pengikut setia lo yang sejati, tentu akan membahas point-point lo per point.

    Branded Bags – Well, gw juga dulunya gak tertarik. Tapi semua itu kayanya tergantung lingkungan pergaulan juga. Waktu gw di Singapore, gw jadi pengen loh. Lo liat aja itu, orang-orang naik bus umum pada bawa. Gw pernah iseng-iseng ngitung loh pas perjalanan ke kantor. Berapa orang yang bawa branded bags pagi itu. Memang ternyata BANYAK BANGET. Nah, pas gw kesini, yang pake gitu-gituan ya orang-orang asia aja. Akhirnya my one and only branded bag itu ga pernah gw pake lagi.

    Rhoma Irama (& Farhat Abbas) – yaaah… anggap lah mereka lagi cari sensasi aja. Ga usah ditanggepin terlalu serius May. Lumayan buat tontonan kalo lagi ga bisa tidur….

    Ikut tour – Iyak!! Gw setuju tu!! Temen gw ada yang honeymoon ikut tour. Lah mana honeymoon sih?? Tour kan kejer2an sama waktu. Tapi mungkin buat orang yang ga bisa bahasa inggris atau ga terlalu fasih berinternet, emang mendingan ikut tour sih…

    Keeping up with the Kardashians – ga pernah nonton. Gak tertarik juga. Mendingan gw baca blog lo May…. *lalu ditimpuk duit segepok* :D

    Prewedding Photo – EXACTLY!!! Yaaa…. ini trend kali ya? Jaman mak bapak kita mana ada begini-beginian? Gw juga dulu ga ada budget special buat ini nih. Tapi apa daya, photographernya maksa mau ngasih gratis sih… hahahaha^^ (ya gemana dong, gw lemah kalo berhadapan sama gratisan). Terus make up nya juga jadi project portfolio temen gw. Alias, gratis juga. Ya kalo kaa orang tua, rejeki ga boleh ditolak kan?? Tapi gw pada dasarnya setuju banget May sama point yang ini.

  16. Hahahaha.. me jadi gatel pengen komenan :d
    Ttg branded bag :D me termasuk yanh ooh suka liatin di tokonya tapi klo beli mikirrr hahaha im not into bag si soalnya.. klo diitung2 tas pertama yg me beli 60rb jaman kuliah, tas kedua..pas mau merid buat sanjitan wkwkwwk itupun me cari diskonan dan kaga sadar kalo modelnya ternyata nembak tas lv wkwkwk suer buduh abis. Selama ini mostly dibeliin tas hasil oleh2 wkwkwk tante suka beliin tas2 kw gitu. Klo me pribadi sih cenderung klo ga cukup duitnya ga perlu jg si beli kw. Tapi yaaa banyak org yg rela beli kw-an sampe yg super2 pula pdhl bukannya ga punya duit buat beli aslinya loh..
    Selera kali ya hahahaha

    Rhoma irama sekip.. males wkwkwk

    Tour..hmmm me akuin jalan2 ga pake tour emang paling enak. Tapiii.. ada tapinya buat me hahaha contoh, ibarat suatu hari me pengen ke china daratan. Pasti pake tour wkwkwk ga bs mandarin dan ga guna jg bahasa inggris disana kayanya ya wkwkwkw mana transportasi belom oke2 banget kaya spore at least KL lah.. buat oma2 dan opa2 jg enakan tour sih hahaha ga perlu cape2 jalan kaki :D

    Never watched kadarshian wkwkwkwkwk me ga perna ntn reality show klo dipikir2 ..

    Prewed.. hahahaha kebawa arus mainstream sih.. dan emang ganjen pengen punya foto studio cakep pake baju pengantin dan tetep hanimun yak hahaha klo disuruh pilih prewed ato hanimun ya pasteee hanimun lah may :d apalagi hanimun plus foto post wed wkwkwkwkw *kabur sebelum dijepret may

  17. whoahh banyak yg komen panjang2 nih… apparently people loveeeeeee dirts!
    1. branded bag.. gw juga mau kalo duit gw udah invinite n gak tau lagi mo dibuat beli apa :) Dan biasanya pressure dr society sih, kalo temen2nya ibu2 dubes yg pake Prada, masa kita mau pake tas esprit? malu kali yaa… (lebay ngasih contohnya)
    2. rhoma… no komen dah, males gw.
    3. Tour. gw juga gak suka pake tour tapi gimana dongggg.. pake tour itu MURAH! gw malah sempet berpikir apa gw ikut tour tapi sampe sana jalan sendiri yaa.. tapi sayang gak ikut makan siangnya… hmmm… eniway, gw blm pernah sih ikut tour kecuali wkt kecil sm ortu.
    4. Kardashian.. gw demen fashionnya doang, abis itu bosen =_=
    5. Prewed… itu kan saatnya banci-bancian sama husband-to-be. Mumpung badan masih bagus sebelom melar, why not? tapi tetep sih gw gak rela kalo bayar yg mahal2 :p
    dan menurut gw prewed itu jauh lebih mending daripada foto studio sendirian bergaya bak celeb hahaha

  18. ngacuuunggg! dulu ikutan euforia foto pre-wed :lol:
    gw sangat bersemangat 45 foto prewed. ga pake mahal, fotografernya langganan temen2 di kantor. Hasil foto dipakek buat tarok di gedung + di kartu undangan ..mwahahaha …ya pan jaman baheula musim tuh di undangan skalian dipejengin foto sang calon penganten… *eaaaa* *aib aibb*

  19. gua baru baca nih hahahaha…

    branded bags… kalo gua sih, daripada duit puluhan juta buat beli tas branded, mending buat jalan2… toh, tas mangga dua yg cepeceng lebih bagus dan awet hahaha…

    prewedding photo… gua yg mau married aja tetep ga ngerti apa kegunaan photo prewed… uda mana pas gua liat di pameran, harganya gila2an…paling murah aja 10 juta, paling mahal ratusan juta hahahaha… dan karena kita ada temen yg mau fotoin gratis, why not hahahaha…

  20. Ikutan komen dong…
    1. Branded Bag –> menurut aku sih ini cuma soal harga diri aja…. menurut beberapa teman aku… menenteng tas branded itu sama seperti memproklamasikan pada dunia kalau yang empunya itu kaya….gitu booo… tapi jujur aku sih ga melihat merk ya… yang aku liat sih sebenarnya modelnya, ya mau dia mahal-murah, bermerk ato ngga sih yang penting modelnya bagus, gitu aja… and a big no-no for man who carry his gf bag unless his wife is pregnant and he just want to be a gentleman… lagipula ngapain sih bawa tas kalo ga ditenteng sendiri?
    2. Rhoma Irama –> bukan cuma bang Rhoma yang heboh di Indo… hahahaa…. apanya sih yang bener dari pemerintahan Indo? nyerah aku…
    3. Tour –> menurut aku sih ini untuk orang-orang yang kesulitan berbahasa asing ya… contohnya nyokap gue, ke china sih dia oke2 aja…tapi coba disuruh ke eropa, pasti dia pake tour… gimana ngemengnya dia? masa cuma yes-yes, no-no doang? hihihi… trus kan ada juga tuh anak muda yang males adventure tapi mau ke LN… yah itu juga lah salah satu kandidat pake tour… aku sih jujur tar kalo rencana ke Jepang sih, ada kemungkinan pake tour…secara ga ngerti kan bahasanya, trus katanya di Jepang kan sulit pake bahasa inggris… tapiiiiiii pengennya sih memberanikan diri ga pake tour… hehehehe…
    4.Kardashians –> well… aku juga dulu nonton… sebenarnya sih dulu aku cuma nonton karena lagi ga ada kerjaan sih… cuma emang reality show gitu agak geje sih ya…
    5. Prewedding –> Well… karena aku juga pake prewedding jadi sulit juga komen. Tapi aku ga pake outdoor sih, sebenarnya awalnya pengen outdoor, cuma pas dipikir2 kok ga ada gunanya ya? jadi akhirnya cuma indoor aja, itupun hanya karena butuh 1 foto gede dimana kita pake baju pengantin buat dipajang tar di pesta… dan…selama aku pacaran sama Ridson 8 tahun, aku GAK PERNAH FOTO BARENG SEKALIPUN…HAHAHAHAAHAHAH… ada juga foto bareng teman-teman gitu yah… jadi ya mau ga mau, juga harus foto……hihihi….lagipula foto prewedku sangat murah meriah ceria… tapi ada juga lho yang foto prewed karena emang orangnya suka foto….pada dasarnya pasangan itu memanfaatkan kesempatan ini untuk melampiaskan hasratnya yang agak banci kamera…nah kalo yang itu sih wajar lah dia mau foto prewed… hehehe…

    • AH SUMPAHHHH seriusannn? DELAPAN TAHUN DAN NGGAK FOTO2??? Dosaaaaa lo dosaaa!!! Hahahahaha
      Terus ELO PACARANNYA NGAPAINNN??? Hahaha, maaf yah, komen gue abg banget. T.T

      • Demi Tuhan!!! hahahaha… sebenarnya sih ada foto, tapi biasanya itu difotoin temen (kebetulan gitu di suatu acara), candid dan waktu itu pernah diminta tolong buat foto berdua sama orang yang baru belajar fotografi… tapi semua fotonya…entah dimana ya? hahahaha… abis foto prewed tuh baru aku ada foto2 berdua sama Ridson… huehehehehe… beneran lhooo! kita berdua orang yang ga ada inisiatif poto berduaan ga tau kenapa ya?…hahahaha…..

  21. Hahahaa… aku juga suka perhatiin tuh, tiap di MRT or lagi jln gitu di spore sering banget nemu cowok yang nentengin tas ceweknya dan si cewek dgn santainya lenggang kangkung issssh, bukan gw iri yah tapi BENCI BANGET liat laki2 yang nentengin tas pasangannya, terkesan seperti pesuruh/kacung

  22. abi-ku, kalo pas lg dipusat perbelanjaan dan tau aku lg sibuk bawa atau milih barang, dia bakalan langsung bawain tas-ku tanpa diminta. and i dont think that he looks less macho or pussy or anything. and i’m okay eventho others think that he’s a pussy for doing so….. *senyam-senyum kangen suami*

    padahal tasku harganya cuma 50rebu. qiqiqi.

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