About the ultimate European plan

Everytime I plan for a trip, I never tell anyone simply because I’m afraid of jinx. But this particular trip is an exception because I need inputs from people and the fact that this is a very long trip (even longer than our ultimate summer holiday on 2010).

This is my very first post about my European adventure plan and trust me, you will see many more of this coming. Hehe.

The background

I’m gonna travel around Europe for total 24 days (exclude flights from Singapore). –>Even I get goosebumps just for typing that!

Bandi and I have been talking about this since we first met, that he wanted to visit Turin and I wanted to visit Parma, merely because we’re big fan of the football clubs (Juventus and AC Parma). However we didn’t think that we’re gonna do it together, you know, traveling to Europe (or Italy for that matter) because who knew our relationship lasts this long.

We were just a college student, it was impossible for us to save money to Europe trip (this doesn’t count for Bandi’s free trip to Europe for 10 days with his mom with the exclusive travel agent. Haha. My boyfriend was a spoiled brat) and then we graduated and I had my first job with a very horrible pay which probably won’t get me to Europe even if I had been saving for 10 years. Bandi, on the other hand went to Texas to study and during his first summer break, he worked two part time jobs every single day. I asked him why did he do that, he said, “I’m gonna bring you to Paris, just like I promised.”

Two years later, he came to Singapore bringing the hard cash he saved from the times he cleaned tables and became drive thru operators. He put that money inside his drawer all along. I asked him to just convert them to Singapore dollars and bank them, but he refused. Two weeks ago, we used that cash to buy our Europe ticket. He did it. He kept his promise.

Now that the hard cash is only left about $500, we must save our ass off these 7 months to the D day we finally fly to our dream. We already set our monthly saving target and if everything worked well, we’re gonna have our dreams come true. We even have our “Europe Funds” bank account opened long time ago.

The preparation

At first, we thought we would only need 2 weeks for our Euro trip because we would need to ask permission from our offices for such long leave, and of course because Europe is expensive. We also only focused on Italy and would only go to Paris for France. And then we went to the library to do some research, borrow some European history to read and went to the book sale that got us 20 over lonely planet books for only $100!

Europe guide books


Together with those books and the power of Eurorail website, we add more cities and more countries and suddenly it was 24 days. JENG JENG! Now there’s no way back.

The Dream Itinerary

I would love to hear advice and comments for my itinerary from fellow readers. But again, please remember that this itinerary had been discussed and changed hundred of times and that your comments might change my mind again and cause some trouble for Bandi. Hahaha. But hey, I would love this trip to be the best ever so I’ll do whatever it takes.

Homebased City Explore Sleep at Transport
Day 1 London London Friend’s Tube
Day 2 London Bath Friend’s Travel
Day 3 London London Eurostar Train
Paris Paris Rent Apt
Day 4 Paris Paris Rent Apt Metro
Day 5 Paris Versailles Rent Apt Metro
Day 6 Paris Paris Train
Amsterdam Amsterdam Host
Day 7 Amsterdam Amsterdam Host Bike
Day 8 Amsterdam Amsterdam Train
Brussels Brugges B&B
Day 9 Brussels Brussels
Luxembourg Luxembourg
Lucerne Lucerne B&B
Day 10 Lucerne Mt Titlis On train
Day 11 Vienna Vienna Host Tram
Day 12 Vienna Vienna Train
Munich Munich Host
Day 13 Munich Fussen On train
Day 14 Venice Venice B&B
Day 15 Venice Venice Vaporetto
Bologna Bologna Train
Parma Parma B&B
Day 16 Parma Parma Bike
Turin Turin B&B Train
Day 17 Turin Turin Train
Manarola Cinque Terre B&B
Day 18 Manarola Cinque Terre B&B Foot
Day 19 Manarola Cinque Terre Train
Pisa Pisa
Rome Rome Host
Day 20 Rome Rome Host Tram
Day 21 Rome Rome Plane
Athens (Transit)
Santorini Oia Hotel
Day 22 Santorini Oia Hotel
Day 23 Santorini Fira Hotel
Day 24 Santorini Oia
Athens (Transit) Then go home

The transport column with green color is covered by Eurorail pass. We put the most explored cities on the beginning and ending of the trip; which are London, Paris and Santorini, so that we can save up money by just buying the 15 days Eurorail pass and will start to use on Day 6 with train from Paris to Amsterdam and end it once we reach Rome. From Rome, we don’t need Eurorail pass anymore. The only train trip that we’re gonna buy separately is the one from London to Paris.

My blogger friends, both Colson and Candela, and my friend Angel recommended me to go to Prague. I really want to! Bandi was insisting like crazy to stop by Prague for one day, but then it’s almost impossible because:

  1. The only possible way to put Prague on our itinerary is between Vienna and Munich but it turns out that the fastest way to travel between Munich and Prague is 6 hours BY BUS. I hate bus trip.
  2. Despite the beautiful city and romantic walk, I don’t really have “thing” to see in Prague. I know I need to put the leisure city on my Europe trip beside the “hectic must see museums and places”-kind of city like Paris and Rome, and I already have Santorini and Cinque Terre for that.
  3. The only way to skip the Munich-Prague bus line is to change the route and eliminate Switzerland. =( I want to visit Switzerland so badly.
  4. Czech Rep has non-Euro currency. I know it’s not an excuse because UK and Swiss are also non-Euro, but this fact discourages me a little.

Guys, I really want to go to Prague, I really do. Do you have any idea how to do that with my already-busy itinerary? Comments and inputs are very welcomed.

 About the “Sleeping”

It’s very fortunate that Bandi and I met a fellow traveler in Hanoi who would like to host us in London. He’s a very nice guy and we can’t wait to meet him again! For other cities, I avoid hostels because not only it will be more expensive to pay for two persons, I also can’t stand snoring sound. For touristy cities like Amsterdam and Rome, we could find hosts from airbnb, this website is so great for travelers and would freshen up your eyes with pretty pictures. We also found our Paris apartment here. For less touristy places, we’ll try to find a cheap nice B&B through people’s recommendation from tripadvisor or lonely planet forum.

Why do we rent an apartment in Paris? Because the only way to experience life in Parisian way is to stay in the Parisian studio apartment! Yaiy!

Things I’m excited the most

  1. Ennio Tardini. It’s my childhood dream to finally step my foot on Ennio Tardini in Parma. It’s very personal and meaningful to make that dream comes true. =)
  2. Santorini. Visiting Greece is actually the blacksheep of the itinerary. If only I didn’t fall in love with Santorini, I would probably explore west Europe more. I was thinking to go to Barcelona and Provence (and of course Prague) if Greece wasn’t in my itinerary.

    Photo taken from google image

  3. Cinque Terre. Another place I fell in love with just by seeing the pictures.

    The photo is a property of http://images.nationalgeographic.com

  4. Watching Serie-A LIVE. I have never watched football game live before and this is so exciting! Once the 2013/2014 schedule out, we’re gonna buy the tickets online.
  5. Having an overnight train ride. This is weird but I’m really looking forward to this simply because I LOVE TRAINS! I have done an overnight train ride before from Bandung to Yogyakarta and it was awful! (Of course duh! Because I bought the cheapest ticket with no aircon and uncomfortable seat.) Even though it was awful, I still love it. The second overnight train was from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, and again it was awful because it was so damn freezing cold and I didn’t bring any jacket. So hopefully an overnight train in Europe is gonna be a blast!
  6. Paris. Ah, come on! Everyone knows I’m obsessed with Paris!Obsessed with Paris
  7. NeuschwansteinCastle. We didn’t know this awesome castle existed until Bandi saw it online and he said let’s go to this castle. We never pronounce it correctly even until now, so this is how we put it on our convo, “Eh, nanti dari Fussen ke Neusch-something itu naek apa ya?” or “Masuk ke Neusch-something bayar 12 Euro, masukin ke budget!” and so on. We just call it Neusch-something castle. I also never type it correctly unless I copy-paste it. We were about to just call the city where the castle is built, but the city is called Hohenschwangau, so we would also call it Hohen-something city. So yeah, we gave up with German names.

    Photo taken from google image

 The budget

I love planning to the details, so I count every single possible expense in my Europe Trip and it all comes to this:

Name Amount (SGD) Remarks
Air tickets (SIN-europe-SIN) $ 1,372.00  BOUGHT
Air tickets (Rome-Athens) $ 116.00  73Euro (if buy far ahead)
Air tickets (Santorini-Athens) $ 297.00  Return, 186Euro
Eurorail Pass 15 days $ 762.00  From raileurope.com.sg
Fare London – Brus $ 120.00  Book far before – best second class
Eat&Drinks $ 1,560.00  Calculated roughly S$65/day or 40EUR (TOTAL 24 days)
Hotels/Hostels $ 916.00  Calculated roughly from Sleeping Budget (PER PAX)
Hotel Tax and service $ 170.00  roughly
City Spending $ 1,247.12  Calculated from City Spending Budget
Visa $ 266.00  UK and Schengen (60Euros + 160sgd)
Travel insurance $ 130.00  NTUC income 25-27 days
Shop/Souvernir $ 200.00  NOT URGENT
MISC $ 300.00  JUST IN CASE budget
Total $ 7,456.12 Per person (Incld. Tix SIN-EUROPE)

This budget is quite high for a backpacking Europe Trip, especially I only stay in B&B and host’s house. That’s because I plan so much money for the city spending which is this:

City Things Price Remarks
London + Oyster Card £30.00
Tower of London £20.00 46 Pass / 56 pass+travel card
Westminster Abbey £16.00
Bath Tour £55.00
Treat £50.00
Brugg + Brux Boat Tour € 7.60
Trams € 4.50
Amsterdam Rijksmuseum € 14.00
Van Gogh Museum € 14.00 Bandi doesn’t need to come along lah
Anne Frank House € 9.50
Red District Tour € 12.50 Randy
Bike rent € 8.50 24hour
Damrak Sex Museum € 3.00
Luxembourg Bus/ Tram € 3.00 1.50/one way
Paris + Paris Museum Pass (2days) € 39.00
Metro € 15.20 A lot of options, please calculate
Paris – Versailles € 2.70 one way
Luzern + Lucerne Tour € 100.00 Mount titlis viator
Vienna Schoebrunn castle € 13.50 Grand Tour 40rooms/50mins
Transport 24 tickets € 6.70 24hour
Mozart Orchestra! € 39.00 Classical Concert
Munich + Bus ride and horse ride € 6.00
Neuschwenstein castle € 12.00
Venice Gondola € 50.00
Vaporetto pass € 16.00 12 hours
Murano +Burano admission € 10.00 not compulsory
Parma + Bike rent € 8.00
Turin + Juve tix € 100.00 If it’s not a big game
bus/subway € 6.00 one time ticket 4 ways
Cinque Terre Hiking Fee Free?
Bottle € 1.00
Rome Colosseum+Forum+Palatine Hill € 12.00 Combined tix valid for 2 days
Vatican + Sistine Chapel € 15.00
Train around city € 13.00 2 days
Train to ariport € 8.00 very far leee
Santorini Bus € 6.00 roughly
Taxi € 10.00

And the worst part is, the city spending budget might still expand! X( But again, if we couldn’t hit that budget, or we must spare the money for other things, we would just eliminate Mount Titlis, the gondola ride, mozart orchestra, Bandi’s skipping museums (because I won’t) and eat more in picnic way. But any way we’re gonna do on our European Journey will be the fun way, because it’s a dream come true.

So, that’s all about our European Adventure that’s gonna happen in about 7 more months. OH MY GOD IN SEVEN MONTHS I’LL BE IN FREAKING EUROPE. Ok, be cool May, be cool. It’s gonna be the longest and the cheapest 7 months in my life. Haha. Come to think of it, I’m planning this trip as if I plan my wedding, or maybe even more serious. Funny, huh?! Maybe it’s because when little girl imagining herself in a white dress, I was imagining myself carrying backpack riding a Vespa in Rome. =) I will plan to the details. This is gonna be awesome!!!

Anyway, advices for cheaper things are so welcomed!!!

Cheers, May above the clouds.

61 thoughts on “About the ultimate European plan

  1. May itu di Paris bisa jalan kaki or naek sepeda gretong..kalo gw ke Paris naek metro kalo buat yg jauh2 aja kayak ke Montmartre or ke versailles. Dan gw rekomen bgt buat elo pas di paris buat ke montmartre dan liat sunset dr Sacré-Cœur sumpah romantis abes! Sebagai warga amsterdam, menurut gw loe skip aja deh tuh damrak sex museum beneran deh gak mutu bgt!Ih senangnya, semoga pas di Amsterdam gw belum balik jakarta yaaa!!bisa ketemuan dan gw jadi guide nya deh. Seru ya europe trip nya :) Gw pengen banget ke Praha cm cancel mulu ni payah. Santorini bagus banget emang cm kyk nya di Greece bnyk jg kok pulau2 yg sama cakep/lebih cakep cm jarang ke ekspos. Banyakin pop mie kali ya may biar ngirit lol.

    • Ahhh ini dia yang gue butuhkan! Insight langsung dari insider hahaha.
      Eh iya pie gue kepikiran pake sepeda, mending je versailles nya beli tiket sekali jalan ya? Gue soalnya arrived dari london itu di gare du nord kalo ga salah, jauh bok dari apt yg gue sewa (deket eiffel) jadi gue mesti itung2 murahan beli pass atau satuan.
      Trus trus soal damak sex museum iya yah banyak yg blg sampah, habis kayaknya gue ke amsterdam mesti ada yg berbau2 sex gitu dong hahaha kecuali lu maw ngajak gue ke tempat2 yg seru hahaha.
      Iya nih, worth it ga yah pie sacrifice praha demi swiss? Haizz
      Gue ga demen pop mie. Paling gue bawa peanut butter dan nutella trus beli roti aja disana. Hehe

      • Kan loe ke red light tuh ya?nah udah deh ga usah ke damrak sex museum,bnyk esek esek sepanjang red light yg isinya lbh duerrr drpd sex museum yg seuprit itu. Swiss di kala summer cakep bgt, so gimana loe mau nya aja (bikin may tambah bingung) En, sebenernya anne frank – rijksmuseum itu mah dekeeet bgt dije. Sumprit, kl di amsterdam mah jalan kaki aja/naek sepeda. Btw jgn naek sepeda di atas rel tram alamat tar ban nya kejebak di rel & kena denda. Iya bok gw setuju sm mas mas di bawah ini yg ngasi komen ttg Italy..may,mumpung ke Italy lu puas2in deh ke firenze kek, venice kek, verona kek, maakk cakep bgt! Roti murah may so you are safe LOL ! di supermarket ya bok klo di cafe di amsterdam bikin meringis,mahiill :/

  2. I’ll give a comment as a quarter European.. (I spent a quarter of my life in Europe :D) and also quite an experienced travel planner (I have planned trips to Europe, OZ, and the US).. lastly, I’m an live long Interista.. (I must hate Bandi to the core unfortunately bcs he’s the fans of that club).

    Now, first of all.. to start planning a trip with lonely planet to bad. They mostly overhype everything. I very seldom use lonely planet anymore. Too wordy, useless. I prefer a good guide that tells me what is in that place and most importantly HOW TO GET THERE. LOL.

    I’ll start from the beginning..
    London. One of my fave city. Very busy. Lots of good food, great nightlife. If I were you, I would not spend my money on Tower of London. Go there, take picture with it, then turn around your body, take another picture with Tower Bridge. That’s it.

    Why do I love London so much? I’d say London offers one of the best theaters. I have watched Phantom of The Opera, Les Miserables, Wicked, Sweeney Todd, and Ghost, all in London. My best three would be Phantom, Les Miserables, and Ghost. However, Ghost is no longer in London. If you had some spare money, why don’t treat yourself one of the greatest love story, Phantom of The Opera? I’ve watched the movie numerous times, before I watched the opera. I tell you, watching a movie is totally different. So, treat yourself. If you want a more fun one, go for Mamma Mia. I would say, you want be disappointed with going for an opera. After all, you’re going with your bf, right?

    If you’re in London on Thursday-Sunday, go to Borough Market around 12pm, grab a duck sandwich in the corner. That duck sandwich is AMAZING! ZING! ZING! ZING! 3 Pound each. Full.

    Search for 155a Wardour Street, Soho Square London. It’s Hummingbird bakery. A cupcake shop. Grab the special on the day. Another treat for yourself.

    That’s it for London. But, I must emphasize. Don’t leave London without watching an opera, even if you’re not an opera fans. The top one would be Phantom of the opera, Les Miserables, Mamma Mia, and Wicked. Grab the ticket from See.com or ticketmaster.co.uk. The closer to the date, the more expensive it would be.

    Tips: don’t go for a cheap tickets. Try to squeeze for middle Stalls tickets. Don’t go high up in the circle where you won’t see a thing because you’re blocked by some big fat europeans.. LOL. I’ve been to London 4 times and I’ve watched 5 operas.. I watched Ghost at 4th row right in the middle from the stage. That’s the most amazing experience.

    Paris. Despite the hype as one of the romantic cities in the world, nothing much Paris has got to offer us. Louvre Museum is famous just because of Monalisa. Don’t go up on Eiffel Tower in the morning. Night is much better. There is no need to go up on Arc de Triomphe. Don’t forget NOTRE DAME Cathedral. It’s AWESOME. Lastly, don’t try to walk down Champs-Elysees. Champs-Elysees is 1 long road from the Louvre to Arc de Triomphe.

    Versailles. IS A MUST. BRILLIANT Architecture. Don’t hesitate to rent the golf car if you care for your legs. I spent 2 hours walking from the main building to Marie Antoinette’s castle. Well, it’s more than 10 km and I took the long route as I wanted to see all fountains. Don’t waste time inside the main building. Quickly pass it, play in the garden, visit the farm. and take photo in the Temple of Love.

    I start to think you love Museum. Rijks would be a good one, don’t go there first. Go to Anne Frank house first. If you come later than 9am, you would spend half your day there because of the long queue. I seriously think that the plan for your Amsterdam with 3 museum and 1 tour, would not come close enough to be finished. Anne Frank and Rijks is pretty a distance.

    If you want Prague, cancel Brussels. There is nothing there. Fly from Amsterdam to Prague or train, then train from Prague to Munich / Vienna. I would skip Vienna. It’s nothing there. If I were you, I’d go Amsterdam – Prague – Munich – Luzern – Venice – Parma – Torino – Pisa and so on.

    I see lots of days you will spend in Italy. I love Italy. very much. And, I’m in shocked that you missed one of the most romantic city, Florence, and one of the most romantic lake in Como. Well, Como is pretty much a different direction from your route because it is nearby Milano. But, to miss Firenze / Florence is just.. nevermind. Florence is just 30 minutes train from Pisa. 15 minutes is all you need in Pisa. There is nothing there, only the leaning tower. Florence is unique. But it’s okay. Next stop…

    ROME. You basically plan only 1 and half day in Rome. There are 3 parts of Rome and 1 and half day will never be enough for you to explore. Vatican is in 1 end and Colosseo is on the other. 1 is in the west, 1 is in the east. Vatican would take 1 full day if you want to go all around to the basement and the dome and the Museum. I did once and it’s good enough. The second time I went, I only entered the basilica. Basilica is free and you can do it in 1-2 hours. And, don’t go there during weekend. It’s horrible.

    If you decide to go to Vatican, let me tell you 1 thing. When you exit the Basilica, down the stairs, turn left towards where you came from (Ottaviano-San Pietro Metro Station), walk down the pedestrians, until you find the first wide road you need to cross, don’t cross it. Turn left there, walk down the pedestrian again, until you find the next zebra cross. Cross there, you might find a long queue there. It’s a queue for one of the best gelato in Rome, if not the best. The store has a huge nutella bottle.. LOL.

    Then, another thing is the pass for Foro Romano and Colosseo. I don’t know if you buy Colosseo only would be cheaper, but if it is, then you should buy it. Foro Romano is not worth paying because you can see it from the road side. Seriously. Walk down the main road from Colosseo to Foro Romano. then go straight, you would see a huge white castle. It is Vittorio-Emanuele Monument. I always believe it is the border between the Ancient Rome (Colosseo and the Foros) and the New Rome.

    The New Rome is the third part of Rome. You should be able to finish the Ancient Rome in few hours. then go to the New Rome. In the new Rome, they have great fountains.. the most famous one is Trevi Fountain and Spagna. There are lots of shops also there. Bring Bandi to at least one of the shop in Via Condotti. Let’s say Prada, Gucci, Bvlgari, Bally, Cartier, or Burberry.. and see if he really does love you…

    Last but not least, I’m not sure if you could buy Serie-A ticket online. But if you do, please do it only from the official club website. There are lots of frauds. Also, if you grab a ticket for a match, you need to go down to the city at least 1 day earlier to exchange the voucher with the real ticket with your name on it.

    I think I could write a blog post with this comment.. LOL.. I don’t know much about Greece. But, if you wanna know more about London, Amsterdam, Paris, and Italy esp Rome and Florence. I could help you. I can send you my e-mail address thru twitter if you wish to ask me more.

    • Ya tuhannn eldiossss lu bikin satu post lagi gih hahahah.
      Ihh terharu gue elo nulis panjang lebar buat ngebantuin gue. Hehehe
      First of all, gue pake bukunya lonely planet krn diskon gila2an dan mereka bagus utk gue nyari index, dan buku pocket nya eye candy dengan banyak gambar (because bandi doesn’t read much) plus dpt map gratisan hahaha.
      Gue honestly belajar banyak ttg Europe dan planning the whole thing dr Rick Steves, and you did sound like him ttg london haha. (Maybe he’s your long lost relation.)
      As much as gue sangat menyayangkan gak ke Firenze dan melihat serpihan patung Batistuta (lho? Maaf ya gue dulu sgt benci sama Fiorentina) gue yakinkan diri gue sndr kalo ini bukan yg pertama dan terakhir gue ke europe. I’ll still have unfinished business not only with Firenze tapi juga pompeii dan sicily. Gue cuma merasa schedule gue akan terlalu tight kalo gue maksain firenze jadinya malah kayak amazing race dan capek. Bandi juga gak pengen ke firenze lagi krn dia blg “sama aja lah gitu aja kayak roma” yah tapi krn dia gak terlalu into architecture dan arts intinya dia jalan2 utk cari makan. Hahaha
      Gue juga kepikiran maw ntn opera sih, but almost all the plays you mentioned had come to Singapore dan bakal maen lagi (you know how singaporeans obsessed with all british things) dengan harga yg angka nya sama tapi dalam sing dollar bukan pounds hahaha cuma maybe you’re right, rasanya akan beda gitu kalo ntn di london?
      Satu lagi, I can’t count on Bandi for watching a play with me, it’s definitely not his things. I tried MacBeth once with him and it was the longest 3 hours of his life. T.T
      Eh eh gue concern dgn kata2 lo yg mesti tukerin tiket online serie A nya sblm hari H?!! I can’t do that arrghhhh is there any other option?
      Masalahnya gue juga masih harus nunggu jadwal musim depan keluar dan plan either torino/parma masih tentative. Begimana iniiii
      Trus soal prada gucci dll, eee it kinda grossed me that you wrote that. Hahaha I’m not those girls. I kinda even hate singaporeans custom yg mengharuskan si cowo belikan tas branded utk cewe kalo dia in a serious relationship. Geez! Nanti dosa kalo komen terlalu jauh, just say I’m not into branded bags. That’s literally another round trip to europe!
      Well I’m very very thankful for your insigts and trust me I will email you dan gangguin elo with a loooot of silly questions. Hahaha (hey you offered)
      Gue jadi kepikiran maw ke prague tapi gue ga bisa skip luxembourg krn maw ketemu relative nya bandi disana, jadi kalo ams jadi stop terakhir gue di bagian kiri europe trus langsung cabut kesana, i have to skip vienna too (because of the bus ride) but but but vienna is soooo romantic kannn itu setting-annya Before sunrise! Hahaha ini sih sbnrnya banyak yg personal buat gue.
      Buat bandi, intinya cuma satu: harus nonton juve. Hahah maaf yah disebut nama team nya. :p

      • Plays kalau on tour pasti lain dengan play yang menetap di 1 theater sampai bertahun2. Karena play yang on tour selalu di edit sedemikian rupa supaya bisa adapt dengan stage yg di sana. Setting stage lain, pasti jadi lain. Dan yang biasanya on tour bukan pemeran utama di London Cast, Las Vegas atau Melbourne. So, technically they are not as brilliant as original cast. Yg on tour biasanya sih second grade. LOL. I was not satisfied enough waktu nonton Chicago on tour. So, watching Phantom in his own house, pasti beda. Taon lalu Phantom ke Dublin, gw sengaja gak mau nonton, krn gw tau kalau yg on tour will spoil my great impression from London cast. Kalau Phantom atau Mamma Mia mungkin sering on tour. Then find something yg jarang on tour. check it on ticketmaster.co.uk ato see ato atg.

        Kalau Bandi bilang Firenze sama aja kayak Roma, he either went to the wrong Firenze or the wrong Rome. LOL.

        Gw agree sama yg bilang gak perlu masuk Colosseo. Gak ada apa2nya sih, cuma kalo emang kepengin ya masuk aja. Tapi gak usah palantino sama foro romano.

        Well, the Prada and Gucci is just a test for him, bring him there, tell him I want you to buy me that then see if his face turns ogre.. LOL and get out from there.. Hahahaha.. But, I like to hang out di daerah new Rome itu. Apalagi sore2 jam 3an, makan gelato.. LOL…

        I don’t know much about vienna, tapi yg gw tau, most people skip vienna on their trips. if they need to sacrifice a city, vienna would be one of the first.

        And about Serie A, yes sangat ribet kalau mau nonton Serie A. Makanya itu bertahun-tahun gw di Europe, belom pernah nonton Serie A, krn 1 hari sebelomnya harus ditukerin dulu di bank2 yg ditunjuk sama club atau di stadion. terus 1 lagi. don’t pick a big match. misalnya vs inter, ac, fiorentina, roma, lazio. Kalau mau, pilih yang lawan klub-klub kecil yg baru promosi atau mau degradasi, misalnya Parma (maaf yah disebut nama teamnya.. hahaha). Kalau lawan klub-klub kecil, lo bisa beli hari itu juga di stadion, pasti ada tiket sisa. Cuma harus lebih awal aja. kalau lawan klub-klub besar, susah dapet tiketnya, hampir pasti gak ada dan bisa sampe ratusan euro harganya. Dan jangan ambil di daerah home fans (biasanya di belakang salah satu gawang). Bahaya. Kenapa? Krn masih banyak dr mereka yang rasis. Kalau gak bisa nyanyi yel2 mereka, mending jangan berdiri di sana, ambil tempat netral aja.

      • Oh you’re starting a war!!! Parma is not that bad! Graaawhh!
        Iya nih gue udah minta tolong sama kepala genk nya tifosi serie a di singapore utk minta tolong juventini yg ada disana. Semoga lancara segala2 nya. Hehe iya gue ga berani nonton big match juga, takut ga selamat. Zzz knock on wood.
        Tapi kan vienna tapi tapi…. Ahhhh jadi bingung lagiiiii

      • I’m sorry.. but in terms of football the last time Parma had a great team back in 1999 when Buffon, Cannavaro, Thuram, Chiesa and Crespo were there.. Then they were so money-minded that they sold all of them.. so it results as in today.. the good thing about Parma is… their salami. and cheese to some extend..

        oh by the way.. do you drink? tried some muenchen beers along the way.. don’t drink heineken in amsterdam.. choose hooegarden instead. birra moretti and peroni in italy are nice too. save your money to drink them then water your throat on any other time with the tap..

        I went to Italy twice and I drank from tap on both trips and I survive.

        oh.. please spare time for pork knuckle in germany.. u won’t regret, and curry wurst..

        right.. stop it here before I go on and on for the food and unhealthy stuffs.

      • That’s the comment that bandi would love! Food recommendation! I don’t drink beers but Bandi is a fan so this will come handy.

        Now let me counter you…. Parma is not money minded. The owner’s spoiled brat son, Stefani Tanzi happened to gamble and lost all his money. He must pay back all his loans or he went to jail. (Who am i kidding , he went to jail at the end!! Fuck right?)
        The only one was left in the club was Cannavaro and he was still able to keep the spirit up. So we had Gilardino, adriano and mutu. So I thought we were going up again…. Then Tanzi happened to had so much loan again… So we must let go Canna. And it was DISASTER!!!! I hate Tanzi!!!!
        Well anyway, I have to move on….
        Stories over.
        Ah now I’m sad!!!

      • yeah.. whatever Parmalat did to Parma FC was stupid. Adriano was not owned by Parma. He was co-owned by Parma and Inter, so Inter could develop him elsewhere… and Canna left to Inter.. hahaha.. and now Parma only have salami and cheese… that’s sad because I thought Parma was a good team but it’s now just a history.

        Just make sure you know what’s the specialty of each country so you can aim what type of foods you wanna try. In Amsterdam, I’m not familiar with local foods, because I went to Amsterdam just to eat Indonesian foods.. LOL.

      • Hey history repeats itself. I believe someday my parma will be back.
        You know what they said about… “You can change your religion, your wife/husband, but you can never change your favorite team!” ;)

      • I agree.. history repeats itself like juventus keep repeating to cheat along their history.. :D hopefully parma will be back 1 day to.

        my favorite team mixed in my blood.

      • Hey! Don’t talk like that about Juventus!!!
        Because it’s so true!! Hahahahah
        But I kinda hate Inter too! And Juve and Fiorentina…
        Basically all big four because they are so arrogant! :p

      • I like it how u ridicule AC Milan as one of the big 4 and included Fiorentina instead.. LOL..

        Anyway, yes, Juve, Roma and AC are so arrogant. Unlike Inter though.. we’re so humble.. just like me..

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  4. whoaaa may! lo detail banget ya orangnya. sampe perintilan budget kaya gitu di plan. salut deh. gw mah paling males itungin gituan hahaha. good luck for the planning ya! im not going to suggest anything, because i hv never been there. just make sure you’ll have fun there no matter what hehehe.

      • oh gitu? pantesannnn… ga heran deh kalo gitu. kalo gitu pasti dijamin plan lo sangat detail dan kemungkinan miss nya dikit banget yah! kalo gw, kebanyakan maunya dan akhirnya malah nanti berubah dari rencana jadi mending ga usah bikin detail2 hehehe

  5. May, if I have extra money and have the chance to go to Europe again one day, I’ll definitely come back to this post!! Plus baca komen temen lo yang detail banget itu, ckckck!! Salut banget May sama loo….. Kalo boleh ntar sekalian pas pulang direview satu-satu yah *ga tau diri*.

    I haven’t been to some of the cities you are going to go to. Santorini!! Itu ada di top list gw juga sejak jaman dahulu kala. Lucky you, May… Posting foto yang banyak yah. I’ll stalk both your FB & blog with envy.

    Switzerland – Menurut gw Luzerne itu indaaaaahhh banget. Tenaaaaanngg banget. Beda indahnya sama Paris. Kalo di banding the amazing Santorini tentu saya tak tahu yah hahaha… Lo boleh skip the lion yang di Luzerne itu. Agak mengecewakan kalo gw bilang sih. Tapi Mount Titlis itu, bener-bener indah May!! I like switzerland better than Paris. But that’s a personal opinion from someone with “selera nenek-nenek” :P

    • Hold on!!!! SGD 7500 buat berdua selama 24 hari?!?!?!?!?!?!? Edaaaann…. canggih amat lo planningnya!!!! Murah banget loh itu!!!!!!! Termasuk tiket sama tempat tinggal pula!!!!!! *histeris*

    • Dian, kalo gue sih sampe kapanpun kalo ada extra money pasti jalan2, kemana aja lah, kalo cukup yah ke europe hahaha.
      Hohoho tentu saja gue bakal tulis detail ttg journey gue disana. Nulis kan bagian dari reminiscing the memories so it’ll be fun!
      Ahhhh, gue nggak sabar jadinya maw ke Luzern, okeh tak akan ku skip swiss!

  6. whoaaaaaaaa 24 days of vacation??? mau donnngggg… hahaha
    cuti lu berapa hari ya setaun? boleh ya ngambil langsung segitu banyak? kalo di kantor gua gak boleh.. paling bolehnya straight 2 minggu aja.

  7. Hi May, I’m a silent reader, temennya Candela. First of all, I love to read your posts, especially the Eloise story, can’t wait for the next chapters.

    I went to Italy last year for a week. Kalo boleh kasih suggestion:
    – ga perlu masuk ke Colloseum lah. Ngintip2 aja dari luar n foto2. Kalo suka art, I suggest go to Galleria Borghese. Kalo bisa book ticket online dulu.
    – I visited Milan, n I like it so much, especially the Duomo n Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle. Malah gw ga ke Pisa, krn org2 bilang rada overrated. Juga bs liat the original Last Supper painting.
    – Setuju sama temen yg di atas, Florence is a must visit. I literally dropped my jaw seeing the sculpture of David by Michelangelo. Kalo ada waktu ke Tuscany (bukannya ini ya yg settingnya before sunrise/after sunset?), tp gw ga sempat :(
    – Venice is overrated. I wouldn’t come back ahuhuahuauha… Gw pergi mendekati winter aja bau airnya, apalagi summer (lo pergi kapan yak?). Definitely I wouldn’t spend my money on the gondola. Murano n Burano is nice. Kalo ke Venice, go to Molino Stucky Hilton to go to to their rooftop cafe malem2. Keren bgt pemandangannya, jgn nginep tp ya, super mahal. n try a bottle of bellini cocktail. Jangan lupa cobain hot chocolate n crepes alla nutella (though temen gw blg di Prancis lbh enak… tp kan gw ga nyoba yak ehuhueuheuh)
    – Gw pernah ke negara lainnya tp udah lama, jd udah lupa2 (sama nyokap pula, jd ga adventurous deh). Dr pengalaman yg recent sih, u can spend less than EUR40. caranya, pagi ama siang beli roti di pinggir jalan aja. Enak banget roti2 di sana. Malem baru makan ke restoran. EUR 20-25 bisa lah.

    Anyway, I envy you! Nabung ah ehuhuehueuhe…

  8. Oh iya kelupaan, gw ga disaranin sama temen gw yg tinggal di Swiss utk minum tap waternya Italy. Although kalo gw tanya org Italy sih mrk bilang gpp. So I spent EUR1-2 for a bottle of water every now n then.

    • Oi renny. Tadi pas liat notificationnya gue pikir renny sodara sepupu gue hihihi namanya sama :)
      Yep katanya ga boleh sembarangan minum yg di fountain di tempat2 umum tapi kalo tap water rumahan gpp kali ya. Gue pelit nih buat beli air, habis di sgp kan air gratis hahaha. Lagian kita kan perut orang indo, sudah terlatih minum es batu pake air kali bukan? Hahaha
      Makasih beraaaatt masukannya. Iya gue sangat2 menyayangkan utk ga ke florence tapi i’ll be back someday kan? Hihihi. Coloseum banyak yg blg gak usah masuk sih, toh bisa liat dr film jumper. Hehehe.
      Nah gue jadi ragu nih apa settingnya before sunrise di tuscan? Seinget gue mereka ketemu di vienna deh. Ntar gue ntn lagi lah hahaha.
      Iya ini gue juga lagi nabung senabung2nya dah. Weekend udah ga keluar maen lagi huhu.
      Semoga semua lancar yaaaa =)

  9. A masterpiece !!!:). Very smart planning. It couldn’t be better. (Well it’s sensible you left out the attractions of Berlin and Barcelona – and Prague obviously- out now because there must be something left to justify another European trip :)). And Neuschwanstein (the over the top architecture by crazy Ludwig II) is just a hilarious choice (by the way did you know about this film by Visconti called “Ludwig”?).

    Though seven months from now the time of year the climate isn’t always nice and friendly in the North-Western part of Europe. So9 let’s keep fingers crossed.

    Saw the two of you planned to stay two nights in Amsterdam. That’s great. So I reckon we manage to make an appointment so I can treat the two of you to a dinner and maybe a boat-trip through the 16th century Amsterdam “Grachtengordel”(canals)? I noticed our capital’s reputation for sex hasn’t escaped your attention (:)), but to my surprise there is no mention of our “coffeeshops” (soft drugs).

    PS: I agree with you that visiting Europe without visiting it’s museums is hardly visiting Europe :).

    • Hey Colson who had just stopped blogging. Why did you do thatttt?
      Yeah I know about mad ludwig but only a brief story. I’ll go to library and borrow some books about it later so that i can speak smart in front of bandi later. Hahaha
      You know what, at first I skipped Amsterdam but then my British friend told me, “you’ve got to go to Amsterdam! It’s beautiful” and then there was you, on and on bragging about Amsterdam. I was still not going though. And then there’s a show in food network, they were going to Amsterdam and ate a loooot of good food (seems like adapting the indonesian food) so then bandi said, “yep! That’s it! Amsterdam it is.” Hahahaha
      So colson, it’s not because of the sex. It’s the food! Hahahaha (i know why boyfriend is such a dork to pick food over sex. Geezzz)
      And yes YES YES. I would love a treat!!! Hahahaha i’ll trust a local for a boat tour of course!! Yaiyyy can’t waittt

  10. sumpah asik bangetttt!!!! 24 days…….what a trip… I went to Europe a couple of times and believe me 3 weeks is not enough :p I wish i could stayed for 1 month hahahh. seru seru!

  11. may, elo mau 24 hari liburan???

    i hate youu! omg iri maksimall!!! ahahaha

    sungguh gw merinding banget ini baca postingan elo, i can imagine how excited you were when writing this post!

    despite how much i love brussels, kalau itinerary lo padet sepakat gw mending diganti sama prague. di brussels yang bagus buat pemandangan mata (dari pengalaman gw) si Grand Palace itu aja. sisanya enak dinikamatin klo agak lama, leah-leha jalan-jalan keliling kota kayak orang kaga ada deadline *setengah curhat*

    i’m so gonna bookmark this post. God knows when will i able to go back to Europe again, but i will definitely come back!

    i’m so happy for you may! *tight hugs*

    • Jiaahhhh gue maw ke brussels gara2 posting-an lo skrg u said this? Apaaahhh?! (Zoom in zoom out)
      Jadi gimana nih ya gue jadi makin galau soal prague lagi.
      Haizzz ntar gue call up emergency meeting deh sama si bandi. Hahahaha

  12. Wow, so detail…

    And…SANTORINI!!!!! OMG…that is my dream island!!!! How could you go there first before me!!!!! *plaaaaak

    Gila, envy abis…>_< aaaarrrrghhhhh…

    A lot of friends have been there too and they only said one word about Oia and the surrounding : "AMAZING"

    Just one advice from a fellow traveler : be sure to gather as much information as you can just in case something not going as planned…even smallest detail could come in handy, when you are in the foreign country, you'll need all the help you can need =)

    Sorry ga bisa kasih input apa2 soal Europe, belom pernah ke sana soalnya, hahaha…

  13. Sambil baca sambil ngiler sambil mengingat mimpi2 ke eropa yang terasa masih tetep jauh aja dari genggaman.. *halah bahasanya*..

    kerenn itinnya detail bgt.. bisa jadi rekomendasi kalo someday impian gw terwujud..

  14. Hello salam kenal, lagi blog walking dan mendadak nemu post ini. Planningnya wow keren dan detail sekali. Salut. 2 thn lalu saya eurotrip on budget juga, kalo boleh sumbang saran:

    – cek untuk harga2 tiket kereta satuan, dan dibandingkan dgn harga eurail. Kmrn pas pergi lagi easter break so for some routes (yang harus book seat, spt overnight train) kita kehabisan tiket. Ujungnya harus beli tiket pesawat lagi. Setelah ditotal jadinya rugi beli eurail, krn byk kereta (terutama yg kereta cepat) harus book seat dan kena booking fee. Tapi utk kereta italy gak gitu mahal sih booking feenya.
    – seperti yang udah dibilang sama yang lain, firenze is a must visit, karena emang cantik bgt tuh kota, dan ngirit karena bisa explore the city hanya dgn jalan kaki. I went there 3 times and still lovin it
    – and yes venice is so overrated, tahun 2006 saya naik gondola di venice bayarnya 100eur, dan kesana pas summer jadi bau bgt
    – terakhir saya ke rome hanya day trip, agar menghemat waktu kita beli tiket bus hop on-off dan bisa visit semua tourist attraction. I dunno wether its gonna be cheaper that way, atau better naik transportasi umum. Go to the famous san crispino gelato dekat fontana di trevi. For your reference dulu (2009) saya nginep di b&b namanya a casa di georgia
    – belum pernah ke cinque terre, tp katanya itu cantik banget. Jadi harus bgt!!! 😜😜
    – amsterdam dan paris gitu aja sih menurut saya, udah terlanjur cinta sama italy soalnya. Oiya kalo ada waktu bisa day trip ke santa margherita dan portofino, i believe its not so far from cinque terre

    Hope it helps (dan tidak terlalu lancang krn main comment aja di blog orang), and have fun in europe. Jadi kepengen kesana 😃😃😃😃

    • Sangat sangat tidak lancang kok, tapi lancar. Hohoho
      Thank you for suggesting! Skrg gue jadi semakin teryakini ttg Firenze huaaaa gawat nih. :p
      Soal eurorail, pass nya itu termasuk kereta cepat dan kita juga bisa booking bukan? Byk yg kasih tau kalo gue mesti book seminggu sblm nya utk overnight train lewat web trus cantumin kode europass gue. So if it’s doable, that would be fine, right? Kalo ga bisa sih ya iyalah ya gawsa beli europass aja nih gue. Hahaha makasih for the pointer nanti coba gue tanya ke eurorail cust service nya lg :)
      Yep yep of course italy is the highlight of my trip as well. Hohoho Grazias signora! ;)

  15. ikutan kasih komen dan saran ya. I will skip Brussel and Luxembourg, nothing really to see there. Dibandingkan kota2 lain yang spektakuler di itinerary ini (Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, dll), ngeliat Brussel n Lux seperti antiklimaks. Better spend more days in Amsterdam. Preference pribadi aja sih ini. Buat gue Amsterdam is such an exciting city. I like it more than Paris.

    Kalo Santorini. I loooovvvvvveee the Island. Tapiii, berhubung pulaunya kecil banget. I wont spend 4 nights there. Oia is EPIC! Tapi sekali lagi, kotanya keciiiiiiiil banget. Bisa diputerin dalam beberapa jam. Boleh lah kalo mau 2 malam disini, tapi kayanya gak perlu ke 2 hari di Fira.

    Fira itu Oia dalam skala besar yg lebih rama kalo menurut gue ya. Kurang fantastis, banyaknya toko2 doang berjubel2. Kalo emang pengen lama di Santorini mending nginep di Kamari daripada Fira. Kawasan pantai berpasir hitam trus di sana bisa naik sampan buat ngeliat the famous caldera of Santorini. Lumayan lah buat pergantian suasana. Soalnya Kamari ini suasananya laid back banget.

    But then again, perginya nanti sekitar Oktober ya? Not really the beach season.

    I agree with others about Firenze. Emang caem beneerrrr tu kota. Mungkin bisa dimasukkan di itinerary-nya, but then again, gue pengikut aliran itinerary minimalis. Kebanyakan pindah2 kota malah bikin capek kalo buat gue, plus jadi gak puas nikmatin kotanya karena udah keburu lanjut jalan lagi.

    Well, whatever you decide, I bet it the trip will be awesome. Just remember to always cherish the things that you experience on not the things (or cities/places/shows) that you miss. Karena kalo mau diturutin semuanya ya gak bakal kesampean ya boooook.

    Oh ya, Neuschweinstein Schloss is one of my fave place on earth. Asli magical banget suasananya.

    • Hahaha iya iya nih lagi gue utak atik lagi itin nya supaya bisa menclok ke firenze. Tapi brussels juga emang sekalian lewat dan mau makan waffle nya. Kok kayaknya trip ini makin lama makin kayak culinary trip zzz
      Soal luxembourg itu cuma obligatory visit ke relative yang lagi prego, jadi pas gue visit ntar doi udah punya baby. :)
      Di santorini gue cuma 3 malem kok dan semuanya bakal nginep di oia, so thanks to you gue bakal cuma jadwalin jalan2 ke fira buat stgh hari, sisanya leyeh2 di oia sambil recharge battery untuk kembali ke kehidupan nyata hahaha
      Komen lo bikin gue gak sabar maw cepet2 oktoberrrrr

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  17. Hallo there,

    Mampir disini lewat blognya Oppie. Here are some tips about Paris: Website untuk sewa sepeda di Paris ada disini https://aboen-paris.cyclocity.fr/ Tiap weekend dibeberapa quarters di Paris itu car free. Dan kalo naik metro lebih murah beli tiket per sepuluh (€13,30) daripada satuan (€1,50). Selebihnya di Paris bisa jalan kaki kok.

    Sacré Coeur memang bagus cuma rame banget tourist. Sebaiknya pergi kesana si pagi banget. Untuk ngopi & ngemil dicafé sebaiknya didalam café jangan diterrace, bisa kena charge extra. Kalo suka Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code ada tournya di Paris. Untuk real Paris feeling quarters yang highly recommended: Saint Michel, Opéra, Le Marais & Le République/Bastille. Juli/Agustus di Seine river bank itu ada Paris plage, Paris on the beach.

    Why don’t you come to Berlin? Ambiancenya ok & very very underground. Remember, in French semua kata benda berakhiran ion itu feminin, sisanya masculin :-)

    Bon courage avec les preparations et bon voyage!

    • Merci pour la suggestion Madame Lorraine! :)
      I am definitely gonna copy paste everything you said to my rough idea clouds. :)
      Oh i wish i could come to berlin, but i don’t have that much time. (With that much cities)
      I already dropped Vienna for Florence because everybody guaranteed me it’s worth it. Haha
      Again, really thank you for the insight. Really appreciate it! :)

  18. MAAAY…gue tambah stress liat itinerary elo. Gue bikin itinerary kagak beres-beres iniiiiiiiiiiiiiih. Padahal cuma 15 hari, itupun masih potong 3 hari meeting yg udah jelas gak bisa kemana-mana :lol:. Gue rencana ke Paris – Bruges – Dax – Lourdes – Cologne – Bern – Wengen – Paris. Not so flexible karena tiket pp gue dibeliin kantor SIN-Paris-SIN.
    Visa gue jg belom jadi. Senin depan baru diambil.

    • Hahaha gue mengerti perasaan ituuu! Gue juga stress dulu pas liat2 itinerary orang. Gonta ganti melulu si bandi sampe muak dengernya. xD
      Yours seem nice too!!!
      I explore italy more because it’s my dream land. :)
      Kapan brkgt el?
      Gue udah ke embassy itali tapi diomelin sama ibu2 juteknya krn tiket kereta gue belum lengkap dan dia blg kecepetan ornag brgkt okt knp apply skrg? (Kiasu mah?)
      So dia suruh gue apply UK dl jadi tgl 6 ntar gue apply uk.
      Cerita2 yaaaa!!! Gue tongkrongin instagram lo!

      • gue pengen juga ke italy, tapi keburu kepincut wengen, hahahahahah. Gue brkt 30/08. bukannya bisa 3 bulan sebelom brkt ya? Itu embassy prancis ya, gue buka awal juli buat book appt, dapetnya akhir juli aje dooong. gue tiket semua lengkap sih, kecuali yg local train. gak bisa booking jauh2 hari soalnya.

      • Hahhh?? Lo ga ada local train dikasih sama sama embassy france? Taik babiiii emang nih embassy italia pada rese, gue local train juga diminta makanya dia kekeuh suruh apply seminggu sblm aja. Gue blg apa ga mepet? Dia blg tenang jaman skrg mah 5 hari juga jadi…
        Gue juga bikin appt mesti dr 2 bln sblmnya emang deh disini mah apa2 kiasu hahahah

      • gue tulis di itinerary-nya sih, “local train, no advance booking”. Dan itu cuma dari Bern ke Wengen dan Wengen ke Interlaken”.
        semoga no problem, hahahahahahha *mendadak tegang*

  19. May,
    Gue mau comment lg yaa. Hahahaa i envy youuuuu maaayyyy. I have the same dream too, travel around Europe and especially Paris. I fall in love with Paris, the city of light :))
    Yeah, hope someday it’s gonna be my turn. Pas baca bagian Bandi nabung buat ngajak lo ke Paris, uh there’s no words can describe May. Kl gue di posisi lo gue bakal terbang ke langit ke tujuh karena jadi wanita yang paling bahagia di dunia *lebay
    By the way, semoga semuanya berjalan lancar yah.. Dan jangan lupa review selengkapnya setelah pulang. Good luck May!! :D

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  22. haish berguna banget info ini pas gue mau ngadain rencana jalan2. hahahah. but damn, budget lu tinggi juga ya. gue budget max 3000-4000 nzd. kenapa euro mahalnya luar biasa T.T

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