My Treasure

A couple days ago I was tidying up my room before redecorating and then I found a shoebox of…

love letters 2

Love cards and love letters!

Love Letters!

Doesn’t it seem vintage romantic? Teehee!

It’s been two years since our Long Distance Relationship ended so I forgot how these used to be my treasures, that re-reading them hundred of times still would make me smile like the first glance.

I’ve always thought that rereading these cards and letters would only bring out painful memories from our long distance era, since the writings were mostly full of encouragement and “I miss you” words. I reminisce the blue feeling, the hazy situation and the cloudy hopeless mind full of question mark because on that moment Bandi was quite sure that he was gonna settle down in US while I was nowhere near going there.

Somehow, there were some cards that gave me smiles. Like I said, I was so frustrated by the distance and the “don’t know when to meet you again” feeling, yet we could still write nice things like this.

Bandi's sweet sweet words for encouraging me.

Bandi’s sweet sweet words for encouraging me.

And some sane times, I reply him with encouragement too. Though it was very rarely happened.

And some sane times, I reply him with encouragement too. Though it was very rarely happened.=p

Bandi was studying when I opened this treasure and he groaned, “Oh no… Why are you doing this when I study?!” Then he was slowly pushing his books away and joining me to read the letters one by one with some comments like, “Oh my god, we were so cheesy!” or “Geez, I was writing this on 5th month LDR? Still long way to go, May! NO WAYYY! Break up with him!” or “Aww, you remember this?”

And here goes my personal favorite of all time:

It was so touchy I accused him whether he copied from Google! Haha!

It was so touchy I accused him whether he copied from Google! Haha!

With a kiss or two (ah, who am I kidding, a lot) we started to get cozy and time slipped away and it was suddenly two hours of reading. It was a very nice moment to share with him so I thought we should do this more often, the problem is, if we were doing it often, it won’t feel so magical because yeah, it’s memories. They tend to be forgotten and then found to be a treasure, right?

So Bandi said, “do you want to put it in a time capsule? When we grow old and all our kids have gone out and we have traveled the world, we would just sit at home and read this again.”

I was tempted to do it actually. But in one condition, I want to show this to our kids first. You know, seeing their disgusted faces of “Eww, Dad*! You’re so cheesy!” would be so awesome!!! I cannot wait!

*)terms and conditions are implied because Bandi doesn’t want to be called Dad. But hey, if you’re reading this, I’m the owner of the womb. So “Dad” or nothing! Haha!

Then we talked about our imaginary kids and I freaked out again. Are we going to be good parents if we ever be one someday? Lately I’ve been reading Arman’s Blog and he’s so damn lucky to have those two gorgeous kids. I know that it would depend on your parenting style et cetera et cetera, but wouldn’t the character of the kid be a factor to? Geez, here I am blabbering about kids. Kinda freaky, huh?

Never mind then, I still have some time to think about it though, at least five years. LOL Bandi is so going to kill me.

Anyway, talking about the treasure, I’ve found another treasure that was being put in the same box with the love letters. It’s our scrapbook. When Bandi went to US, I gave him a scrapbook with about 200 pages that I went to bind myself and colored the cover myself. Unfortunately I only used about the first 30 pages, so during his time there, he wrote a couple of things and it was like adding 5 more pages. So we have so many pages left on the book so when we were going for the ultimate trip during his summer break, I put all the memories captured on the book. =)

Here’s some of my favorite pages:

Scrapbook collage

That book is my treasure too and would probably go into my Time capsule too. And guess what was the comment for reading this book. You got it right if you thought, “Shit! I was so damn skinny!!!” Hahaha!

I want to re-write my favorite page of the book. It was written for Bandi to read on the airplane back to Texas after our summer holiday. If this sounds cheesy for you, please please please don’t unfollow my blog. LOL. But seriously I think it’s sweet. (I am so self centered, I want the world to know I’m romantic that way.)

So don’t worry, chase your dream! Even your dream is in the other side of the globe, and 12 hours away from me, I will still support you. I know I said mean things like I can’t keep waiting for you or whatever, but you know how I feel about you. That feeling is too strong to let go, so I decided to never let go, and keep holding on. =)

You flew 12,000 miles to see me, you kept your promise. So I’ll keep mine, that I will always love you no matter how long I should wait or how far I should go.

I love us. And us is what’s gonna make me stay strong. =) I love our silly moments, I love our lazy days, our adventures, our stubbornness. I love how we argue and how we always make up. I love the times we made sushi, watched Ipin-Upin, we talked about life and everything. I love how we always say thank you to each other, how we always be honest and faithful, how we always mock and praise, how we kiss and how we hold hand. I love us.

It will always be this way. You and me. Forever.

Love, May.

So, what about your treasure?

P.S. Was thinking to make kinda Give Away about this theme, but then since the only people who react to this blog is Colson, he would be the one who win it so then I had to send the parcel to Netherlands.  Hahaha. Just kidding, sir! =)

But seriously, what’s your treasure? I would love to hear stories!!!


May, in a nostalgic mood.

19 thoughts on “My Treasure

  1. wuiiiii banyak banget!!! :)
    kalo gua bukan penyimpan barang. hahaha. dulu sih si esther nyimpenin semua email2 kita. bahkan di print ama dia. tapi ya kita tinggal di indo. gak tau masih ada gak. padahal iya ya lucu juga kali ya kalo dibaca2 lagi… :D

  2. I still have the first mail/letter that the girl I fell in love with gave me when we talked to each other for the first time. But, that girl just didn’t feel the same way as I did and she is now coupled with someone else. Is that a treasure? LOL.

  3. Sebelum jawab pertanyaanlo….gue mao komen: tulisan Bandi bagus amat sih!!!!!
    *maklum tulisan eke jelek mampus*
    My treasure apa yah…sepertinya ya blog gw. Ya soalnya gue bukan tipe yang suka nulis2 manual atau crafty banget gitu. Mas Ben pun kurang appreciate hal-hal kaya gitu. Dulu gue pernah bikinin dia gambar pas Valentine, mana tuh ditinggal aja di rumahnya *manyun*

    • Hah? Seriously?!! Huwahahahahah!
      Tulisan bandi jelek ah! Hahaha jahat banget yah gue. Oh god knows seberapa jelek tulisan lo kalo lo bilang tulisan bandi bagus xD
      Iiih bilangnya nggak crafty tapi bikinin gambar. Tipu ah! Gue belum pernah ketemu blogger yg nggak crafty. Rata2 orang yg suka nulis pasti multi-kreatif. ;p

  4. OHHHMYYYYGOOODDDD!! *lebayy* wakakaka..
    gillaaaa,, gw suka bgt part “i love us”,, cccooocwwiiittt *cubit gemes* :’)
    definitely love this post!

    i guess ur romantism is really back and enjoy the moment, yihawww.. haha
    *gw stuju loh ma dinaisyana..bukan literally tulisannya tp apa yg ditulis bandi tuh yaaaa…
    so happy to see how u both grow after sometime and this kind of treasure, i HAVE IT juga tp ga happy ending jd gamau nulis :))))

  5. Too bad, So many commenting rivals and competitor… But, eh, send me the parcel anyway
    . :)

    Looking back – and seeing my children have landed safely- I’m convinced raising children has to be part of Chaos Theory. So don’t worry about parenting – it’s just trial and error whatever people tell you :).

    • Colson, that’s very sweet of you.
      You always have kind words to be said to make me feel good. :)
      Guess I’ll go with trial and error then. What’s the worse could happen right? So he ran off and became a mafia? So be it, it means i could travel to italy for free. Lol.

  6. aihhhh kalian so sweeett bangetttt…
    kalo gw apa yah? kebanyakan pacarannya lewat MSN dan BBM sih, kalo MSN sih ada historynya yah, tapi kalo BBM bigimana nyimpennyaaahhh?

  7. Ah dulu eke juga long distance-an..dan banyak surat begini, trus dong, pas mo pindah ke SG buang buang and bakar tu surat semua..takut mak gw kepo baca2in.hahaha..padahal kalo ga kan mayan yah bua dibaca baca lagi kayak gini.

    • Hahaha actually i still have some of the stuffs back at home tapi yah malah gue titipin ke emak gue, “mam. Ini barang2 ogut ditaruh sini, jauhkan dari jangkauan papa yah.” Hahahaha emak gue tipe yg nggak ngegeratak tapi bokap? Sangat2 kepo! Hahaha tebalik ya?! :p

  8. waaaaa~ yang klasik tapi lebih dekat di hati *apaan sih*
    romantis banget ce masih pake surat2an gitu… <3 hihihi

  9. Oh my God, so sweet…hahaha…akumulasi rasa sayang bertahun2
    Don’t ever lose them May, they are so precious
    Ati2 kalo ngubur time capsule, pastiin capsulenya bagus dan lu kuburnya di tempat yg aman dan ga akan ditimpa aspal dalam bertahun2 setelahnya *pengalaman konyol temen gua tuh*

    About my treasure…karena sejauh ini gua baru pernah pacaran bener2 satu kali, harta kita berdua mungkin adalah sebuah buku harian yg kita isi berdua, secara bergantian, di masa2 awal pacaran. Tapi sekarang bukunya ga ada di gua, ada di mantan gua, dan gua yakin dia bakal jaga itu buku baik2…as a proof of our everlasting friendship. Semoga calon suaminya kaga nyuruh dia bakar tu buku, hahaha….

  10. Reminds me of those love letters that i got a few years ago.. gue juga sempet LDR selama 3 tahun dan…it didn’t work quiet well hehe…

    makasi ya post2 soal LDRnya bikin gue ngerasa ada temen :)

  11. Oh my, the romantic of writing and reading love letters ;-) My treasure of 3 years LDR with my then boyfriend (now husband of 18 years) was 3 dried Roses bouquets he had delivered, some tapes with our songs carefully chosen by him and parfumes. Those were the days when loving someone in the distance hurted sometimes.

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