Going back to childhood without a time machine

Warning: Not suitable for Anti-Nerd and Anti-geek. =p

Last weekend I was hanging out at my friend’s house and found out that we can buy playstation one game from the ps store online and play it with our ps3 device. You all might think I’m so stupid why after two years of living with Bandi’s playstation, I never knew about this. Well, let me explain. First of all, I remember asking Bandi if I could play Harvest Moon with his ps3 device and he said that’s not possible since the new ps3 device is not compatible with old ps1 and ps2 games, which is true. So I assume that ps3 can only play ps3 games.

Little did I know that playstation 3 is connected to internet. AM I STUPID OR WHAT? Pardon my stupidity, this is because my active gaming age was those era when internet hasn’t been invented. Err, I exaggerated. At least it was the era when internet was still scarce and the only thing you can do for gaming was buying a CD.

So, my friend showed me HOW MUCH internet can do for your gaming life. You can play ALL THE FINAL FANTASY SERIES all over again with your ps3 device!!! GEEZ! And after two years, I finally found out. And Bandi was there and he didn’t seem surprised and I was like… “YOU BASTARD! You knew it all along!!!” %*(&^@%$@*!!!

(It turns out that he was afraid that I would maxed out his credit card by buying all the classic games. Well, it turned out he wasn’t wrong. Hahaha.)

Anyway, enough with the prologue. (What? Those blabbering is only the prologue??!!)

With my big plan of playing all the ps classic RPGs including Harvest Moon, you know what’s my first stop is… FINAL FANTASY IX!!! FF9 is my personal favorite from the Final Fantasy Series. It used to be FF8 on my teenage days but that was probably the abg labil talking because of how handsome squall is and the fact the FF8 was the first FF I played ever. But after playing quite a lot FF (not all of them though), FF9 is deemed to be my personal favorite. It’s probably because the setting was medieval, the music is the awesomest of all FF series, the story is light yet meaningful (not like the dark FF7 and FF8 and not as simple as FF13). Anyway I won’t talk technical stuff here because I’m not a qualified geek for that matter.

I am gonna talk about how awesome the feeling when I played the game again. Think about your favorite classic game. Pacman, Tetris, Street Fighter, anything. Don’t you feel youthful and free all over again?

The main reason to play a classic game isn’t the game itself, but the reminiscing feeling when you’re playing it.

When the very first opening music started (when there is options of “New Game” or “Continue”), I was like flying through a time machine and was brought back to 13 years ago when I was sitting beside my brother, translating from English to Bahasa almost all the conversation in the game to him, helping him reading the bestiary’s weakness and strength whenever he encountered battle, awe-ing through a sweet scene between Zidane and Garnet, laughing on Vivi stumbling down, and telling him for a hundred times, “Isn’t Freya awesome?!”

All the moments and images floating above my eyes and I must say, ‘returning’ to childhood is freakin awesome and the nostalgic feeling created from just a simple gaming act is overwhelming. I shrieked when my finger automatically directed the controller to lead Zidane to find the secret treasure box. Holy crap! I still remember the secret! It’s amazing how your brain could throw the bad memories like a fight, work stuff, study stuff very easily but keeping the good memories like the secret treasure box location in FF9! Good job, brain!

Even though the graphics are still far from HD, it’s the gameplay that counts. =)

Actually I was hoping Bandi could be my navigator, just like last time I was playing with my brother. I think what gives RPG playing better experience is when you play it with a navigator, who’s holding a guide book. I don’t know about you all, gamers, but for me, an OCD, I must have a guide book beside me just to make sure I clean all the secret treasure or know when to steal the valuable items from certain boss. Anyhow, I was hoping to have a navigator too, just like old times but Bandi is not an RPG kind of guy. The only reason he loves his PS3 is for playing PES. Yeah, dumb. But that’s him. So, I’m here to complete his flaw… which is to buy all the classic PS one games and make maximum use of the PS, riiiiiggghht?!

It was hard to play the game without thinking of my brother, you know… because I was always playing with him. We never got along, seriously NEVER, UNLESS we played game. We could be one hell of great team once we sat down in front of TV holding our controllers, switching roles of player and navigator. We were unbeatable. We were really learning playing RPG from zero, from knowing nothing about junction until finishing FF7 perfectly. We learned RPG gaming together. To date, that’s the only thing we’ve ever done together.

I always say that I don’t have any emotional attachment with my brother. We grew up in separate ways, we barely talked to each other and we don’t have anything in common AT ALL. He’s the reason why I hate Geminis, people who’s born on June, and err… basically all boys. I hate boys because I thought all boys are jerk like my brother. But thank god it didn’t last because it’s very stupid. I was so sure I didn’t have any emotional attachment at all, but then last Chinese New Year, I met him again and we had a pretty good time joking about our ang pow, just like old times. And I bought him tshirt, sandal and basically everything he asked. I probably didn’t have relationship with my brother like a normal person and so many times I wished my big brother could’ve protected me, I failed in despair. Then I stopped hoping and everything’s fine. (Anyway, yes, he’s older than me. I was talking as if he was younger but unfortunately not.)

Geez, I’m starting to be so melancholic now. Let’s get back to talking about games!!! You probably heard the news about… *drumroll please* PLAYSTATION FOUR! I know it’s not a good time since Bandi and I will still be saving money for Europe when that finally comes out, but daaaammnnn, how am I supposed to do?! (geez, what a spoiled neurotic bitch). Forget about that, I probably will wait until one year after the release to let the market to test it first, or… waiting for Christmas present or wedding present? Anyone? I promise I’ll get married if you’d give me ps4! LOL

Enough with the non-sense, let’s get back to playing and back to the past! Alright!!


May, 14 years old, sleeping with her bantal guling buluk.

8 thoughts on “Going back to childhood without a time machine

  1. Your sweet and entertaining story sent me in depression. It’s clear to me now; even Pacman is beyond me, so I’m way behind gaming times and never ever will be able to catch up with them.

    No choice but to do myself in. So where are they??? The razors, rivers, acids, drugs, guns, nooses, gas ( thanks Dorothy Parker).

    Yeah, I barely play games in these past two years, but after coming to China, I started playing again
    I really miss my old RPG games, but I know, if I played RPG, I couldn’t stop
    So for now, my solution is the NDS Emulator and few days before I read this post, I started playing Harvest Moon again, hahahaha

    For me, the best Final Fantasy is Final Fantasy VII ^^
    But I agree that FF IX is better than FF VIII

  3. huahahaha… kalimat terakhirnya itu lho… asal dapet ps4 bakal get married ya…. :P

    gua gak suka main game jadi gak pernah tertarik sama ps-ps-an. hahaha.

  4. aaaaaahhh gw juga lagi maenan FF7, dan laki gw lagi maenan FF XI! hihihi.. reminiscing the good old time ^^. Dan gw juga kalo maenan RPG pasti baca walkthrough biar gak miss item2nya hihi..
    FF, walopun jadul tapi masih seru maeninnya :)

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