The glue that sticks us together

Bandi and I are two very different people. He knows nothing about art and he can’t even draw heart shape correctly while I love exploring museums. I read books and he read comic books (that’s the closest we can get). I’m all about feeling and impulsive actions while he’s logical and straight forward. I love to dance (though I’m not very good at it) while he’s just starting to do it just so he can spend time with me. He could count without calculator while I don’t remember when was the last time I did that.

Any how, there are two things that we both love, and apparently the glue that sticks us together. Food and movie! Almost 7 years ago, he asked me out on a movie date. We were texting non-stop for weeks talking about movies until one day, he asked “Do you wanna go to movies with me some times?” and I replied, “Sure. When? Aku tanya anak-anak dulu bisanya kapan. (Because we used to go to movies together with friends.)

“Well, I was thinking to just go the two of us this time.”

That was when I knew he’s into me. =)

The first movie we watched together was Shaggy Dog. Because I love dogs.

Anyway, today is Monday, and we always have our movie night on Monday now. Last time we always did it on Thursday but since Pizza Hut gives the best offer on Monday, it switches to Monday.

Yes, there will be no movie night without food!!!

Dominos and a cup of coffee and "Gone" movie.

Dominos and a cup of coffee and “Gone” movie.

Some of the food choices don’t even make sense, but what the heck.

We also went to picnic movie night to Bishan park just 10 mins from home that screened the movie on a very big screen.

Bandi prepared Buritos for Picnic movie night "Madagascar 3"

Bandi prepared Buritos for Picnic movie night “Madagascar 3”

Chips, Chocolate and Orange Juice for "The Intouchables", a great French Movie.

Chips, Chocolate and Orange Juice for “The Intouchables”, a great French Movie.

The Intouchables is surprisingly a very good movie. It’s a French drama-comedy movie about a quadriplegic rich man whose life is changed by a black poor guy. And the best part is… it’s based on true story. This is a MUST-SEE movie!

Our favorite Pizza for "Looper"

Our favorite Pizza for “Looper”

So yeah, Bandi and I always fought over who cooked for dinner, where to put his excessive comic books collection, how A broke up with B or why he shouldn’t spend too much time on FM game, but only one thing we always agree, “Do you wanna order pizza and watch movie tonight?”


12 thoughts on “The glue that sticks us together

    • Haha. Giving your mushy history, I bet you will. :p
      You know what, I realize now that almost all couples I met these days are cute in their own way. I use to see them as “annoying” but that was only my LDR hormones talking. Haha

    • Haha iya betul. I was with a guy who has the same thinking and character with me and I thought he’s my soulmate (I still think that way though) yang kalo gue ngomong dia bisa complete my sentence and sering banget ngomong “samaaa gue juga!” It’s also fun to have that relationship but in the end it didn’t last. Mungkin kembali ke orangnya lagi ingin relationship yg kayak apa :)

  1. Damn girl, you’ve got me craving for some pizza right now, haha. My husband is a big gamer and I play no video game. We both love museums but since the kiddo’s born, it’s been quite a feat trying to squeeze in a museum date. When we have time together for just the two of us after the kiddo’s in bed, we’re usually way too tired to dress up and head out on a proper date, you know, dinner and the movie theater and all that jazz. so it’s almost always movie night for us too. Sweatpants,food, couch.. I mean, what’s better than that, amirite? hahaha.

    Will check out Intouchables, thanks for the rec!

    • Yeah. I guess that happens to me too. Since boyfie and I live together, we’re starting to make excuses for having a proper date, you know, dressing up is sometimes tiring. Haha
      And in the end we’re gonna put our pjs on and watch tv the whole saturday.
      It’s the best kind of date for lazy bumps like us haha

  2. Waaa… Menarik banget ada nonton under the sky gitu. Baru ya kayanya? Wkt gw masih di singapore kayanya ga pernah denger…
    Anyway, waktu lo bilang monday is your movie night, gw pikir tiap monday kalian ke bioskop. I remember, kalo di singapore ada diskon kalo nonton hari tertentu, tp monday bukan ya? Anyway, the further I read, I realize, maksudnya movie nightnya bisa dimana aja toh… Menarik!!

  3. Though I adhere to the wisdom “vive la petite difference”( long live the little difference) is crucial in any relationship, I’m convinced lasting exciting couples differ a lot from each other, fight a lot, leave each other a lot of breathing space but stand by each other no matter what and have same lifestyle preferences.

  4. Bishan Park!! I was just there last Sunday…. just for the second time ever in my 14-years of living in Singapore.. hahahaha… Park nya bagusss yah.

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