New year, new header!

You read that right, a new header, yaiy!

With all the advertisement about that stupid “new year new you”, I felt like still wanting a new thing for new year, and definitely not “new me” because what’s wrong with the old me? Geez.

So I was thinking to change the whole theme for my blog, but that would be a lot of work and because I’m lazy, I only modified the header. That header only costed me 2 hours of browsing fonts and colors. I decided to go with turquoise because it has been my favorite color these past 5 years. I still love yellow though and I hope they works together.

Much blogwalking

2013 has given me a great start for blogging. Because of my laziness of writing a post, I blogwalked more often and found out so many interesting blogs. Here are my favorites:

  1. A memory Bliss. I love how Bebe writes about her husband, her life, her passion of photography (and I tell you she’s good!) and her journey to finally move to Sweden with her husband. I enjoyed reading her blog from the very beginning. Her photos are high-res and well edited and she posts some good recipe once in a while complimented her her good food photography skill. =)
  2. Me and my stories. Rifi was working in Singapore and met the love of her life, Bayu online and moved half way across the globe to Arkansas. She’s witty, funny and has a weird sense of humor (which mostly I got). I always love to read romantic and dramatic stories from the perception of a strong woman, and Riffi is one of them. =)
  3. Tantri’s little corner. I’m not sure whether that is the right title of the blog but I thought I read it somewhere. Tantri has a dream to travel Europe (just like me!) and she’s an Enid blyton’s fan (just like me again!), which got me reading her posts on and on and on because they’re just as interesting as the writer herself.
  4. I do the Journey. I never get her name, but I remember she always write about Utin, her nick for her husband. So everytime I got a notification about her post, in my mind went “It’s Utin’s story” so yeah, I never got to know her name, but I love to read her posts. She started the blog as a journal of her wedding, but she kept writing after the wedding itself (thanks god for that) and now the posts are not only about wedding but stuffs that seem boring but amazingly interesting. She writes everyday’s stuffs that everyone would like to read! How cool is that! =)
  5. The Musing Bubbles. Wulan gave up explaining how to pronounce Wulan to Americans so she just went with Wu, and I think that sounds cool. She named her blog bubbles because it’s a nick for her kid. I started to read more of her blogs after one certain of post about marriage and I must say, I love reading it, maybe as much as she loves Chicago.

That’s all for now, I hope you guys will blogwalk there and enjoy the writings as much as I did. I still have a lot blogwalking to do and maybe will post some more later. Yeah, all the blogs I love is those women talking about lovey dovey life, and hey, that’s just what perfect life is. =)

One more thing!

I decided to commit for “Post a week” resolutions for 2013. I hope I can come up with interesting posts every week, and most importantly, the diligence to write. (Yeah lately I’ve been very lazy).

Thank you for reading and cheers for life!


18 thoughts on “New year, new header!

    • Hey kamuh! Benarkan dulu alamat blog nya tuh! Blog wordpress nya udah gak ada, bikin aku emosi cari2 blog lo. Grrrr
      Hahaha kan ceritanya aku reader yang terobsesi. Ternyata udah pindah ke xoxocandela blogspot itu ya? Nggak ke-trace nih dari nick lo.

      • Hahaha bukan bukan…. Gini nih… *kibaskan rambut dulu*, jadi, sebenernya gw mau pindah ke wordpress, terus gw udah ngetag nama yg itu, pake alamat email gw dong tentu. Terus pas gw komen, masukin blog blogspot gw, karena alamat emailnya sama, si wordpress langsung berteriak, “KAMU BOHOOOONG!!!!!”. (-.-“)

      • Huwahahaha! Lagian buaya kok mau di buayain. WordPress pasti kan udah pengalaman sama penipu ulung macam kita, lho? XD
        Iya sudak kuampuni kamu, nak. Jangan diulangi yaaa

  1. Walk on, head on and most of all write on.

    PS: In regard to your previous post I would recommend Prague, the golden city, over Switzerland – which is beautiful and has lots of great art exhibitions, but is slightly boring in my opinion.

  2. Wawawawawawaawwww!! Gw sangat terharu nih…. thank you so much may! it’s always give me a warm feeling when someone told me that they like my blog. it always could brighten up my days! thank youu once againnn! :D

    Anw, i put my name here, so u can ‘finally’ get to know my name hihi.


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