Excuses why I haven’t updated my Eloise

This is just gonna be a short and full of excuses post, to encounter my friends who are demanding-ly pushing me to continue Eloise, threatened to sue me if Ellie didn’t meet Ben on the next chapter or will unfollow my blog. Okay, I just made up the last one… and probably the one before that. Yeah, I’m dramatic. It’s not a secret.

Anyway, let me tell you why I haven’t had the time to update my Eloise novel.

1. Christmas’ Dinner and New Year’s party

Hosting party is not easy! Not easy to plan, decorate, making guest list, checking the RSVP and stuffs. Shopping for Christmas dinner, looking for decorations, thinking of small details (you know I have OCD). Then cooking on the D day, cleaning up and stuff.

Christmas Dinner Set

Christmas Dinner Set

New Year’s Party wasn’t that hard to prepare though. It was more fun with the games and drinking, it was just tiring to confirm the guests but however it was fun. Will do again next year!

NYE party

2. (again) tired of marathon

Is this excuse still excusable?

3. Planning my Europe Trip

This really drains most of my free time now. Reading Rick Steves’, planning the perfect route (which got me and Bandi fight hundreds of times for dropping whether Switzerland or Czech Republic). We also did research for every little details of budget because we’re that cheap. (Oh come on, I’ll travel Europe for one month, of course I have to be cheap in order to survive!)

And yeah I know it’s not necessary, but I took some time to decorate a wall on my room.


Bandi and May's Big Adventure - Wall of Dream

Bandi and May’s Big Adventure – Wall of Dream


Parma and Turin Two cities of history.

4. This game

Dance_Central_3_cover (1)

Enough said, this game is addictive!!!! Wait wait wait, the best part is… It burns calories! One time, Bandi and I played for 2 hours and we didn’t even realize that! We stopped because our feet hurts. This game is a must try!


So, am I forgiven for being a spoiled lazy bum girl?

I guess not, huh? However I must motivate myself to write again because I’m a natural couch potato and I should thanked my annoying demanding friends, shouldn’t I?

Better get going to load my brain for Eloise’s next chapter! =)

16 thoughts on “Excuses why I haven’t updated my Eloise

  1. Good to know that u admit this “spoiled lazy bum” part. But now isn’t a girl,consider a woman :))). Cant wait for eloise next chapter (hell yeah, I’m one of annoying and demanding reader haha)

    • Tantri!!
      Gue baca blog lo barusan yg soal dream comes true lo ke eropa! Ahhhh gue hampir nangis baca itu!!! Gue ngerti bgt betapa obsessed nya novel2 enid blyton can be. I’m one of the Malory Tower’s victim. :p
      Gue berusaha ninggalin comment di blog lo tapi susah banget nihhh, sptnya app blogging di hp lg error mulu. Hilang deh comment yg udah ditulis panjang2. Nanti gue jalan2 lagi ke blog lo yaaa :)

      • huaaa, booook! ajigileee, gw kali yang terharu baca komen eloo.. secara elo blogger (DAN) novelis kawakan *alah, kawakan*

        you should definitely know that your comments mean a lot to me *hugs*

  2. Gileee… sebulan ke europe!! Backpacking!! I’ve been dreaming and wishing about that for years, but I know it wont come true…. Selamat menikmati!! Bagian planningnya itu paling asik sih :)

  3. Ohmygod! One whole month of scouring Europe! That’s just awesome, May. Please blog about your adventures, let me lives vicariously through you, girl :)
    I agree, hosting a dinner party is a big undertaking. Cleaning the house, planning & cooking, looking presentable, etc. etc. Thank goodness for wine, right? hahaha.
    Also, thank you so much for your kind words about my blog :) I enjoy reading your blog as well. Have fun planning your European adventure, share some tips for budget travelling too, will ya? ;)

    • Hi Wu, it’s my pleasure too mentioning your blog. You must be a very cool mom. Haha
      I absolutely will post the pre-adventure, the adventure and the post adventure. :D
      Hmm, preparing a budget travel other than desperately looking for hosts, eating indomie most of the times and hardcore saving? :p

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