My first letter in 2013

I woke up this morning with a bucket beside me. I saw a digital clock, it was 6 in the morning. My head was spinning like crazy and I saw two red lines on my right wrist and one on the top of my breast. I walked out of the bedroom and realize that the furniture was rearranged. There were confetti all over the floor. Beer cans were all inside the recycle bags, while the Smirnoff bottle was empty.

SHIT. The last time I remembered seeing that bottle was still half empty. But anyone could finish that bottle. There were about 10 people last night. I remember somebody was throwing up. I remember I was blabbering about “The last time I was drunk, I called this guy” which actually happened like 8 years ago and I always talk the same thing everytime I’m drunk.

I had fun last night, at least the times that I remember. I remember counting down and screamed “Happy New Year!” I remember I hugged people, kissed my boyfriend. After that, everything was blur. Who drank the last king cup? Who won the grand prize of the movie ticket? Who scatter the beers on the beer pong table? And who puked?

I saw myself on the bathroom’s mirror, SHIT I slept with my make up on. This is a big NO NO. So I washed my face and went back to sleep. I woke up an hour later just to run to the bathroom and successfully threw up twice. I slept again for another hour, this time a very well sleep and woke up to do my first morning prayer ritual.

Then I went out to the living room, apparently already cleaned and talked to my roommates and fill in my lost memory. He didn’t fill a lot but later that night when my roommate’s boyfriend came and showed me the video from last night, I became  understood.

I still looked stupid drunk and I didn’t know why I kept doing it. There is no moral of this story. Don’t hope for that. This letter is written in the first day of the new year when people usually write their resolutions and do quality things, while I’m in front of the TV all day, waiting for my hangover to fade away. I don’t do resolutions anymore, I don’t know why. I don’t mean anything but once I stop having resolutions, all my dreams were starting to come true. However I have one resolutions this year that is very simple. To do 100 sit-ups every day in 2013. If I could do that, I would buy myself something very expensive as a gift. =)

Anyway, there are two things I would like to say…

One, my boyfriend took care of me. Both when I was drunk and when I was horribly having hangover. I love him so freaking much.

Two, my boyfriend bought me a ticket to Europe. Is there any words could describe how grateful I am to have him in my life? I’m so gonna spam this blog with my European plans!!!

So, Happy New Year 2013, everyone! I apologize for the no-quality first post and for the bragging but seriously, I’M GOING TO PARIS!!!!!


Singapore, January 1st 2013

10 thoughts on “My first letter in 2013

  1. The same thing happened to me last year, and ever since then, I vow not to drink anymore ever again. Anyway, Happy New Year! I hope you have a great trip to Paris! =)

  2. Impressive boozing. Impressive hangover.

    In the present economic conditions all European entrepreneurs in this line of business will be happy with your arrival in Paris. Being the first one on the continent who knows, I think I have a moral obligation to warn all breweries, distilleries and viniculturalists to considerably increase their production in advance.

    Exciting 2013!

    • Hey colson don’t make me sound like I’m a regular drinker. I’m totally an occasional drinker! >.<
      And anyway, I'm stopping by Amsterdam for two days after Paris!!! Yaiyyy

      • Did I say regular? No. Sorry, Not regular. I meant heavy :)).

        (Actually I knew you had to be a very modest drinker. Regular users don’t get drunk that easy and normally don’t cope with serious hangovers.)

        Btw: will there be room/time in your schedule for offering you a drink in A’dam?

      • Yeah I only drink once a year to be exact hahahaha. So I call myself a scheduled drinker. :))
        Colson I thought you’re staying in Jakarta? I’m so gonna free up hours for a free drink! :)

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