Cuteness Parade on World Animal Day 2012 with SPCA

It’s my second World Animal Day volunteering with SPCA and I was so excited because so many cutie doggies would come and I could play with them and grabbing them without seems like a weird stranger touching random people’s dogs in the street.

Yes, I have this weird habit of touching stranger’s dogs without asking permission. Some Singaporeans don’t like their dogs to be touched. While I was always uncontrollable when seeing a cute dogs, so without any hesitations, I would straightaway touched them.

In the event such World Animal Day, people are more friendly and they expect people to touch their dogs, so here I come, the dogs lunatics! =)

This page is supposed for eye candy only, to parading how cute dogs are. Enjoy!

His name is Snoopy! And apparently his owner is not Charlie Brown!

A dog was getting her paws printed. =)
Thank you Body Shop for initiating that awesome thing!

These two girls were also volunteering for us by selling candies. The cute beagle is their dogs.

All dogs got jammed up! So cute!

His name is Rocky and he is a saliva machine!

Viking is up for adoption. He is celebrating SPCA’s 60th Birthday on the stage!

A cutie was eating the SPCA birthday cake (was baked specially for dogs!)

If you’re wondering who baked the cakes, you can visit Doggiestyle Cafe. They are dogs friendly! The they have a cute bulldog named Tofu! =)

Wrote a message for raising the awareness. Guess who wrote it? ;)

So, that was all for the SPCA World Animal Day 2012. It was sooo fun! I hope more people coming next year, it’s on East Coast Park anyway. Visit SPCA website for upcoming events to see more cuteness parade!

On last year’s World Animal Day, I encountered a new interest about dolphin at Acres booth. This year I visited them again and it turned out Resort World still hasn’t planned to release the dolphin yet. :(((

They’re still ongoing the effort though. This is the Save the saddest Dolphin post, if you’re wondering what it is about.

Last but not least, a photo of Bandi and I holding hands, wearing SPCA awareness wristband! =)

Keep the Love, End the Neglect!

Do you own pets? Share to me I’ll looooove to see!



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