A stalk of rose, cockroach and Gangnam Style Dance

So Bandi and I were hanging out with friends when this topic about those Reality TV making quiz for couple popped up. I volunteered myself to be the object of the quiz (can I be more self centered?). I told them I always wanted to try this thing. I always wanted to know how it would turn out if Bandi and I were tested for this kind of thing.
So thanks Fefe and Ricky for making the questions and held the disclaimer: “If anything happened after this quiz, don’t blame us!” LOL.

So, Do I really know him that well these past 6 years?

Question number 1, was easy peasy. It was meant for Bandi.

“How often do you shave?”

My answer: He supposed to do that everyday because of one particular bet, but he didn’t do that so now he shaves once every three or four days or when I scream at him.

The judges (Fefe and Ricky) complained because the answer was too long. (What are they talking about? Answering essay with craps is my thing!)

Anyway, Bandi’s answer was: “Only when May asked me to.”

So the answers weren’t 100% matched but quite acceptable because they have the same point.

Question number 2, was meant for me:

“How many degrees are your eye glasses?”

My answer: I don’t know!
And his answer: I don’t know!

Hahahaha! This is a match beause actually I never really checked to eye doctor! :p

Question number 3, was meant for me again:

“When and where is his first “I love you”?”

It was a difficult question because if “I love you” meant to be a deep “I love you” then I didn’t remember when. (yeah yeah I’m a bad girlfriend.) But I remember when was the first time he expressed his feeling for me so I wrote “June 5th 2006, Platinum.”

Shockingly, when Bandi had to answer the question, it took quite a minute for him to answer and when he finally answered, it was “6th June!” Somebody wants to watch the world burn.

After a cold killing eye sight to him and couple of threats, I got over it and moved to the next question.

Question number 4, was meant for Bandi:

“What is the most romantic gift for May ever?”

My answer: I don’t think there was any romantic gifts ever. (I swear I didn’t mean to be ungrateful, but really he wasn’t that romantic at all.)

Then it was his time to give that cold killing look.

His answer was: A stalk of rose at Braga.

HOLY SHIT I totally forgot about this!!! I even mentioned the stalk of rose at Braga story on my posts here and here! I’m a bad girlfriend!

Question number 5, was meant for me:

“What is your biggest fear?”

My answer, very easily: “Cockroach”

Bandi didn’t even think a second to answer the question: “GET MARRIED!”, he shouted.

NO! I AM NOT AFRAID OF GETTING MARRIED YOU DUMBASS! (okay, a little bit, but don’t shout that on public!!!) He laughed so hard anyway and said, “I was just kidding.”

He corrected his answer to cockroach anyway so I forgave him.

Question number 6, was meant for Bandi:

“What would you do if you won $1 million?”

His answer: Traveling around the world.

My answer: Buy a ticket to Europe.

They are not perfectly match but it meant the same thing anyway.

Question number 7, was meant for me:

“Describe a perfectly romantic evening for you!”

My answer: Must involve dancing.

His answer, and I quote: “Haiyah, it must have to do with dancing lah!” (showing that boring face.)

And yes, that includes Gangnam Style dancing he did for me. LOL. (He was very cute, I couldn’t get enough of his cuteness!)

So those were all the not-so-creative questions from Fefe and Ricky (because they googled them). They weren’t in order because my brain is just too small to even remember those questions in order.

Anyway I had fun doing that. You can’t guarantee that two people who has been spending so much time together will have a perfectly matched answer nor two people who has a perfect match will have a perfect relationship or vice versa. It was just fun knowing that there’s a person who actually pay attention about you. (Awww, here comes the cheesy part).

I was quite shocked knowing that Bandi answered the last question correctly because I know we didn’t dance a lot lately (dancing in a club doesn’t count as romantic evening, okay?) and I thought he already forgot how much I love to dance with him.

I recommend couple to do this Q&A session with your friends. It’s really fun. And most importantly, you’ll have a reason to argue and fight later on. :p

Love always,


5 thoughts on “A stalk of rose, cockroach and Gangnam Style Dance

  1. Of course this is the confirmation of a perfect match :).

    And on top of the test do the texts on your two shirts communicate a special shared interest in Switzerland!

  2. LOLLLLL.. even i have the same answer (with honey Bandi) for “What is your biggest fear?”
    And purposely i didnt want to read the answer before i finalized it as “my answer” :)).
    Anw, turns out he knows u quite well….

    Send my hugssssss for him ;)

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