Dear you, who has broken someone’s heart.

Dear you,

You have no idea who I am or why I am writing this to you. I am not angry or in any negative attitude towards you. This is just a letter written to you, to let you know how hard it is to breaking up with you and losing you in a actual meaning of losing.

You are my best friend’s ex girlfriend, yet you don’t know me. You guys have so much history. Well, nine years say it all. My best friend, this guy, he likes you so much. Nope, he loves you. He was about to buy you a ring and propose to you. He’s in love with you. You crushed his world like no one would ever EVER understand. His world stops, you know.

I am a woman, I try my best to understand you. I would do exactly the same thing like you did because I am a woman. I will put my happiness, my life as my priority and I think you are smart. Well you are a doctor, you should be smart, otherwise we’re doomed. I respect your decision not to look back to nine years of history and stepping forward, creating a completely new page of your life. That is one hell of brave decision, I admire you for that. I believe you have tried your best to save the relationship and it’s his lost not to ever realize it before it’s too late.

However, I cried knowing that you asked him to let you go… in order for you to be happy. Because… I thought so too about myself. The difference is just that you really did that.

You did that… to my best friend.

He was about to propose to you. He fucking loves you very much you have no idea, woman!

I never see him like this. I didn’t know that a guy could be crushed like this. I thought only us, women, would cry or swear or drink and do stupid things when we break up with someone. I broke up once with someone I really really love and it was horrible I thought I would really die because of it. Every morning I woke up, the tears streamed down on my face and the world just stopped turning and the sun wasn’t there anymore. life was just so miserable I thought colors were really fading away from this world.

I know how it feels. And if you think you want to get through all that to have your new page of your life, I will totally understand. No, I don’t understand. He loves you so much, you should know that. What he really needs is just one last chance.

Doesn’t people get chance? This is a person who loves you more than any man could ever love you. Oh honey, you will never ever find another man who could love you like him. Are you sure you’re being sane here, letting him go, are you sure?? Are you really really sure?

I mean, do you stop loving him? Because that’s the only acceptable reason to let go off someone, am I right? Do you really know what you will be missing in your life? Are you really sure you wanna do this?

I just want you to know, if you ever read this letter, that he loves you so much and he really REALLY hope you could give him just one last chance to prove to you that everything will be fine again. I am not on his side and I am not blaming you for anything. I just know one thing for sure that he REALLY loves you. I know that. And I hope you could consider that. Because in this messed up world, you don’t find so many guys who are sincerely love someone like he does to you. I know it’s not a good reason to be with someone, but I know you love him too.




5 thoughts on “Dear you, who has broken someone’s heart.

  1. This is a convincing exclamation of your friendship. Very moving and sympathetic. And being a man I can sympathize with the guy and his grief..Nine years is almost eternity.

    Yet I would say let it be. I’m afraid a second chance is not a viable option. I guess that once one of the partners’ love has worn out and died there is no medicine for resurrection. Unfortunately.
    But after a period of mourning ( with all the necessary stages of denial, rage etc) I’m sure your friend’s love-life will restart.

    PS: Isn’t it wonderful that men are human beings and therefore can be as sad, devastated and emotional as women? And for similar reasons on top of that. :-).

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