The world without internet

So yesterday Bandi and I were on a long train journey and we had a very very good talk. It has been so long since we really sat down and talked. The last time it happened involved coffee. (Of course!)

Then we realized the reason why we had this great talk was because Bandi’s phone wasn’t connected to the internet. He overused his internet data to download Spongebob Squarepants series for me so that he must disconnect his internet til the next phone bill. (Aww, isn’t that sweet?)

Anyway Bandi isn’t a guy who’s freak to internet or anything, it’s just that he has this tendency to check updates from every freaking minutes. I always told him that I started to have a problem talking heart to heart with him since the smart phone era reached out our lives, but then again, I couldn’t really complain because smart phone was the one who saved our long distance relationship and god knows we won’t survive that shit without internet. So we are that couple who reaaaally love internet. Sometimes on Sunday, we would just sit there on the living room, staring at our own laptops, his eyes on his laptop and my eyes on mine. Either we were playing games or hunting for torrents. Every hour we would check on each other, “Do you think this is normal?” and we said, “Hell yeah.” It was yesterday I realized, it’s been a very very long time since we were disconnected to internet and those fancy electronics.

And it felt so good.

We really talked and really listened to one another. We gave time to each other to talk and to be listened. We even had conclusion for the talk. It was one hell of a good quality train journey.

It really reminisced the times in Bandung when every single days were spent lazying around, playing card games, staring at each other’s eyes, dancing (oh wow, dancing!) and I realized that human touch is still the best.

It is true that fully disconnected from internet is plainly impossible, I wouldn’t want the world without internet either, but I think I will hijack Bandi’s internet once in a while to download Spongebob so he’s exceed his data usage. (Unless we start our wifi next month. Darn it!)

The world without internet might be horrible, but trust me, we need it to keep us as human as possible.





3 thoughts on “The world without internet

  1. I think it’s good idea to have a dumbphone (only for sms and phone, no gprs or internet whatever). sometimes I left my smartphones when hanging out, to ensure you I could live without internet/smartphone.

    • I don’t like the idea of having more than one phone and I never did. So whenever I feel like having a dumb phone, I’ll just shut down my internet access on my smart phone, and taadaa, it’s dumb! ;p

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