Modern Football: Twitting while Drinking

Everyone knows how much I love football. Even though I don’t watch leagues anymore, I always watch International football that comes every 2 years, with World Cup and Euro (every four years).

Since I joined twitter in 2009, football matches have a new level of fun because it’s like watching football live with hundreds of friends, keep yapping and talking in the same times, non stop. It’s so much fun. Especially the girls who turned football to their sexual escapes. You those shirtless footballer could literally bring a drool.

Last Saturday, the football match was brought to a new level of fun with a drinking game. Four of us (me, Bandi, my housemate Fredrick and my neighbor Ricky) made a game rule of the drinking game.

We use an Ikea Glass that has 7 lines to measure our drinking. We divide four of us to two opposite sides. Fredrick and I are with Spain team (because I hate France National Team). Ricky and Bandi are with France. these are the rules:

  • Shot on goal: 3 lines
  • Goal: 7 lines (Full)
  • Corner: 3 lines
  • Offside: 4 lines
  • Defensive foul: 3 lines
  • Yellow Card: 4 lines
  • Red card: A bottle of vodka. Kidding. Because that would be the end of the world, right?

So I mixed cranberry juice, orange juice and much vodka in a measurement cup like this (because we don’t have jug, that’s so sad.)

Measurement cup!

Too bad France played like rubbish! (Not too bad actually, it’s a fortune for me.) So me and Fredrick stayed sober the first half of the game while Bandi and Ricky kept laughing for no reason. Hey guys, you’re losing, aren’t you supposed to cry?!

Second half started and the vodka was still more than half bottle so Ricky had this brilliant idea, “Let’s double up the stakes!” As four of us agreed, France got the yellow card and made defensive foul. There you go idiots, drink up your stupidity! And still, they’re laughing like morons.

Fredrick and I had our drinks also but we were just high a little bit. And yeah, I forgot how good it feels drinking alcohols until high. It made me feel happy. It’s a temporary happy of course but enough to make me forget the bad news of my failure of recent event.

So long story short, we were all laughing happily without no reason at all because of this.

Talking about alcohols, actually I’m not a big fan of them. I had the most disastrous drunk call when I was 19 and It was very VERY ugly so I decided to never ever drink again. Well, that’s impossible. But I promised not to ever be drunk again. Once is enough for the youth’s sake. But lately I found myself keep craving back to alcohol. This is just an occasional drinking of course and I let myself excuse because I’m under a lot of stress. And as long as I don’t make another disastrous drunk call, then it’s fine.

Football when there was no internet was not as fun as now. I know I already had this reporter-like mind long time ago. I used to write all te comments of the match, drew the squad’s formation and made a match timeline on my class’ diary. But no feedbacks werw given until the diary was passed the next day. So it was more of one way commenting. Twitter these days are full of amateur football analyst and that’s what make the match more interesting. Sometimes there were jokers who always make funny jokes or comments about the match.
Modern football for the fans has grown so much because of internet. And I’m thankful for that. =)

I’ll give one funny sample:
Me: before the penalty kicks, Buffon gathered the players, substitues and officials, said two sentences that make them go jumping and shouting like a kid on sugar high. That’s my friend, why it is called a TEAM. They are one.
Someone: and what were the two sentences?
Someone else: that what i would love to know.
Somebody funny: “If we win, we get to see our wives. If we lose they’re going to party with John Terry.” (Montolivo isn’t affected by this because he’s gay, right?)

So let’s have a little more fun when we’re still young. (well not that young anymore actually.) Actually I have another stake on this Euro 2012, but I’ll update on that later.

P.S. We would do it again this Sunday for the finals. And stay tuned with me via twitter during all the Euro games. I promise I’ll retweet dirty things from my girlfriends. LOL

P.P.S. Yes, France didn’t get through. Yay me.




6 thoughts on “Modern Football: Twitting while Drinking

  1. Hahaha.. Like This.. We’ll see which team will be the Champion on Euro 2012… so excited…I pray for Italy.. =P LOL…

  2. It never crossed my mind the noble art of football could inspire people to a SYSTEMATIC approach to boozing :). ‘Though this be madness yet there is method in it’ :).

    [By the way, though I will not say one negative word about hard liquor in this context, but isn’t beer ( real, genuine beer I mean) the only appropriate drink for football supporters?].

    • It never crossed my mind either. But there’s no limit with people’s creativity. So here we are, looking forward for semi final. :p

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