Ready for a fall

It has been decade since I last write a love poem
It has been a nightmare to cry my heart out
Yet I knew something was about to bloom
Love, heart breaks and despair, what was all about?
This is so scary; I thought I would die of scare
You, on the other hand, are as steady as rock
Kept imagining the hurt and pain I can’t bear
When the feelings weren’t even there to mock.
What was I running from?
Definitely not you and your hopeful eyes
Definitely not the kiss under the blue skies
Or the times you blew my mind, oh my.
Aren’t these feet tired of running?
Isn’t this heart embarrassed enough of hiding?
What am I so afraid for?
That could chase away what I adore.
You locked my lips, roused my hair.
Words won’t be enough to impress, you said.
So you showed me the passionate flare.
Never in a second have had I doubted you, I said.
No excuses admitted and ever could have allowed
To break someone’s heart.
Neither has mine, which is obviously too proud
To realize it’s a brand new start.
Will you give me that lucky charm?
Will you dance with me at the ball?
But most importantly, will you open your arms?
Because I am ready for a fall.

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