Either broke and happy or a hot bath.

Everyone knows the reason I blog less for the last three years is because there’s new invention called micro blog. Yes tweeting has consumed my life. It’s not so much now compared to what it did to me three years ago, but it does still affect me.
However this post doesn’t have to do anything about twitter. I just read a tweet about how people change the way they travel. We all know I love to travel and I have a goal of traveling around Indonesia before I reach 28, southeast asia before I reach 30 and europe before I get married. :)
I was a backpacker. I only brought one small backpack for a 3 days trip to Jogjakarta with my two lovely friend. We were so broke, we shared one cheap bedroom and we bought a non-aircon 12 hours train ride, which cost about $10 only! One of my friend even slept on the train floor so I could sleep on the hard train seat. Wasn’t she sweet. :)
We kept waking up every 30 minutes because we werw paranoid that somebody would steal our backpacks.
The Jogjakarta trip was a blast and so damn cheap. We eat an amazing soto mie plus fresh ice orange juice for $1!
We even convinced a becak (3 wheeled rickshaw) to let the three of us sit in one rickshaw which is supposed to fit only two persons and it was one hell of a great ride. :D

It’s so true that we all are not a truly backpacker. We are a backpacker because we don’t have money but we still want to explore the world. And it’s a good thing because money isn’t supposed to stop us to do ANYTHING.
However we were so broke yet we were so damn happy. I miss that feeling. Squeezing our three big butts on one queen sized beds and having a long tiring train ride which arrives at 6 in a morning but I still went to work at 9 and felt more energized than ever.
I miss my two amazing girlfriends. :) You know who you are!
Anyway, now that I have a stable work and have a travel funds, I don’t do backpacking anymore. I tend to choose a better hotel with a proper bath and of course tend to spend more money on food food and food. It doesn’t necessarilly mean you are cooler when you were a backpacker. Well it is true that being broke and happy is awesome anyway. But maybe it’s just that now you are more matured (or older, oops) you demand for a better service coz you get tired more easily. (ouch!)
Yes I used to be able to travel with only 3-5 hours sleeping each day and I could still act like an energizer bunny when I was 20, but only 6 years make a whole lot difference or maybe because now I’m a working woman and I get tired easily so traveling is supposed to be my leisure time.
Anyway, being a backpacker or a suitcaser don’t reflect who you truly are. It’s just a matter of the mood you are in when you go to certain places or the amount of money you’ve been saving your ass off to finally purchase that flight ticket. So don’t worry because the way of travel is not absolute. It gets to change everytime.
I would like to have another broke and happy moment with my girlfriends. But now, can I take a hot bath in a five stars hotel please? :)



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