There’s nothing wrong with falling torn apart.

It’s been four months since I last blogged something. And now I’m back with a flash news. I quit the Long Distance Relationship.

I can’t say much about it. I was thinking about what I would say in my blog when this relationship ended, but here I am, forgetting every little word I prepared.

This is NOT a broken hearted post.

There’s nothing wrong with being in love head over heels and then you’re falling torn apart. That’s what makes you human.

I just want to highlight two things:

One, it is not because of the distance. Because if it was, we would’ve broken up two years ago.

Two, he will always be the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Nothing will ever change that.

We stop hanging on not because we’re afraid, not because we’re tired, nor we stop falling in love. We stop because we simply want different things in life. People change, so do we. We don’t perceive things like we did four years ago, or even one week ago. We change our dreams, we want different things, and we grow apart.

This is not easy. For sure.

But it’s been a while, and I’m still breathing, the sky is blue, he is still as awesome as he was, (:p) and the sky is still blue. So, there’s nothing Armageddon about it.

Sometimes, the right thing and the hard thing are the same thing. -Liz Lemon, 30 Rock

If someday, one year later, or even ten years later, we meet again, and we still have that tiny little faith in our heart, then it would be a different story.


But now, here we are, saying goodbye, walking to two opposite paths. This is the end of our story, right now, in this present time. And I couldn’t ask for a better romance to tell to my grandchildren. I’m so glad I was doing all this romance with him. I’m so blessed that I could feel that amazing feeling with him.


So, you… This is your goodbye blog.

Be strong always. You’re the most amazing man I’ve ever met in my life.



5 thoughts on “There’s nothing wrong with falling torn apart.

  1. “But it’s been a while, and I’m still breathing, the sky is blue, he is still as awesome as he was, and the sky is still blue.”

    Wow. You write beautifully. This post is lovely and you’re obviously a very strong person. I hope that every day is more sunny than the previous for you <3

  2. Huaaa.. mayyy.. kok bisa?? yahh.. padahal gw ini salah satu fans long distance story lo..hiks….hiksss…..semangattt yaa mayyyy!!!

  3. This blog is absolutely beautiful.

    it’s NOT a broken-hearted post
    ~it simply just means sometimes when people grow, they grow apart~

    Be strong (u both),always. You (both) are the most amazing couple i’ve ever met in my life :)

  4. I always say that year 4 is the real challenge for a relationship. I broke up at the 4th year. I have some friends had the same too. Anyway, my point is that i have that theory and it works. However, u managed it beautifully. At least what happened to me won’t happen to you nor him.

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