The things We would do when we’re in the same timezone

*)Well, the 3 months summer holiday is over, and I’ve crossed some of the things I mentioned on the post.

Yeah! The suffer of  my Long Distance Relationship is nearly finished!

I’m gonna touch my finish line in 9 days.

And for one and a half years, Bandi and me have been writing of the things we would like to do when we’re finally in the same timezone again.

And today, I would like to post it in public. Just for fun, and show off of how romantic I am. :p

  • Going to the zoo
  • Watching 500days of Summer, Harry Potter and the half blood prince
  • Cooking Pasta Carbonara –> I don’t know how come we didn’t do that? duh!
  • Making home-made Sushi
  • Spend weekend in Bandung, visit Maxis
  • Eat at Eastern
  • Definitely going to movie theatre, in Ciwalk!
  • Visit Clarke Quay at night
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Eat Blueberry cheesecake at Cizz
  • Playing chess –> He actually bought the chess board already, but somehow we didn’t do that. :p
  • Reading my old diaries
  • Dancing :)
  • Dancing on the beach. :) –> oopsie, too excited on the beach.
  • watching sunset
  • Snorkeling!
  • Swimming in the ocean
  • Kissing in the ocean
  • Snuggling all day
  • Chatting at Starbucks all day
  • Road trip to Bandung by motorcycle –> maybe we’re too old to do this. ;p
  • Cook couple of Indomies in a big bowl and eat it together –> forgot!
  • Watching concert.

And maybe the list is still growing. And if you have fun idea to do, feel free to comment. We would gladly do it!!! =D

With love, May.

10 thoughts on “The things We would do when we’re in the same timezone

      • eh salah..welcoming punch&hit?!hahaha..trus trus ad lg yg hrs lu lakuin:
        1. laying next to him and staring at the stars **alay..haha
        2. take a lot of photobox and give tag “we DID Ldr”
        3. mnt dbliin susu stroberi?haha
        4. karaoke barenk!

        to b continued

      • Oiyaaaaaaaa!!!
        karaoke! true! we’re so gonna do it! all of them, such as staring at the stars too!!! yaiy!

  1. This reminds me about my life 4 years ago when I was living my 4 years LDR. The list was made and it is a never ending one. One thing is necessary here, just let it flow.

  2. gue minta diundang… kalo loe masak pasta carbonara, or making homemade sushi..
    ato mau latihan dolo may? gue siap jadi testernya.. :p

    huaa… cant wait ketemu the 3D BANDI…

  3. 1. Jalan2 di TIM, ke planetarium, nontonin anak IKJ yang lagi latihan drama/teater/apapun itu.

    2. Nonton sinetron dubbing di Indosiar, liat siapa yang lebih kuat di antara kalian berdua yang ngga nyampah2 dari awal sampe akhir sinetron.

    3. Ke Cizz-nya naik Damri may! Banyak hiburan gratis selama perjalanan.

    4. Foto2 di Kota Tua.

    5. Naik kereta tengah malam (or maybe backpacking sekalian ke Jogja).

    6. Naik kereta gantung.

    7. Keliling Jakarta naik busway (mungkin lo muak kali ya may, but if it’s me, I’ll definitely do this :p)

    Baru segitu may ide tambahan dari gue…

    *kok gue jadi iri ya?* Hehehe…

    HAVE FUN! Dan selamat menikmati quality time kalian yaa…
    Ah, I’m so happy for both of you :D

    • keliling jakarta naik busway emang udah kepikiran tar. tapi lliat apakah ada waktu yang tepat. hehehe. Naik kereta gantung, gw ga maw. I’m afraid of heights (lho, tapi maw bungee jumping). ;p
      Yang nonton indosiar juga udah gw pikirin. Hwahahah.
      Thank you Tara. *hugs*
      I’ll let you know. ;)

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