Life conversation is never dull!

I was blogwalking and read a post about life. Surely it was a very intereting post. While other people mention life as a movie, life is a wheel, life is a roller coaster, life is a what? what again?

This man mentioned that life is like an ECG result. And yes, it is mind blowing. Here is the link if you want to read the full version.

I left a comment, then, couple days later, he made me a post about my comment. About a life as a roller coaster. This is the link.

What I’m about to say in this post is…

It’s been a very very long time since I’m talking about this life thingy. I remember my college life when everything seems so blur and everyone is looking for their dreams, finding what is it they’re after in life. We were surely hell of a thinker on our early twenties. And things got settled when we started to have jobs, when everyday is only making money, and we begin to forget the idealism we had in our college life.

I read a book titled “5cm”. The quote was terrifying: “Idealisme adalah kemewahan terakhir mahasiswa.” In English probably means such as:  “Idealism is the last luxury owned by college students”

I promised myself back then, that I will NEVER forget my idealism. You know how idealist a college student could be, right?

But here I am, been working hard, making money, trying to leave this country as soon as possible, and “changing the world” and “what is life anyway” are totally out of the subjects nowadays. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with making money, but, I miss the old me. when talking about life is everyday needs.

I miss having a heavy and deep conversation with my friends. I seriously do.

So, what is life anyway? ;)


2 thoughts on “Life conversation is never dull!

  1. May, I like your topic ;) very relevant! I can see what you mean in the challenge of staying true to your inner core while living forward into newness and growth.

    I find lately I am returning to some of my first loves that hold a valuable gift or presence of who I was more. Often I think our journey takes us away from ourselves in discovering only to return to ourselves and then begin to SEE what feels right for us and the motives are less based on others anymore, but what we really want for ourselves – I think this is our authenticity.

    On relationships, returning to simplicity and transparency sounds like it should be easy but it is hard for we have been so conditioned away from our natural image. We can practice reshaping our lives, and emptying out what doesn’t honor our true self, then live aligned with our values and our first instincts.

    I think when we can commit to put foundations under our dreams so they are not just fantasies or ideals, then we are owning our life and honoring the process of why we are here.

    I like the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” Children know how to live.. :) as ‘free spirits’ and ‘while diverse, they remain true to themselves’..

  2. life is something that i’m grateful for.. =)

    let’s meet up! i need my (live) quality talk… yes? set up the time yaa…. :)

    makasi sayang.. *smooches*

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