“believing true love”: Let’s figure it out.

Couple days ago I heard a surprising relationship news from my friend and her excuse was only, “I’m looking for the best person“.

I don’t wanna be too judgy about relationship thingy since I’m not a saint myself. But hopping from one guy to another guy in order to find a perfect one really seems so naïve and unreal for me.

We will never find a perfect person for our mate.

That’s the ugly truth.

But we can always make a perfect relationship with an imperfect person.

I talked with my baby about this and our summary was:
Yes, both of us are annoying. We can’t stand each other’s annoyance. When we’re getting married one day, maybe we’ll kill each other. :D
He’s lazy, I’m noisy. He’s the exact opposite of weak, while I’m a control freak.
But we love each other, and we’ll make it work, whatever happens.

You can’t just break up with someone just because he’s not good enough, or just because he doesn’t tick one of your check lists for a guy.

Or just because he moved thousand miles away.

Bandi is faaar from my expectation as a person I would like to spend the rest of my life with.
I always wanted to have a cross-culture boyfie, a romantic lover with an extreme cool job (definitely not an accountant).
But hey, I fell in love with a boring movie lover, who’s surprisingly a very brave guy who travels everywhere.
He’s really gross. He’s numb of romantic things.
But he loves me to death, as I do to him.
And we see that it is the only thing that matters.

He told me, everyone has their own way to find their soulmate, some people met in church, train or even in a one night-stand. But this post is not about how u met your future wife/husband. It’s about keeping them thru good and bad times.

Yes, no one is perfect. I’ve stated very clear about that. And one more time, the point is about to make what’s imperfect to be perfect in our eyes.

I won’t talk about physical attractiveness, because it’s too shallow. You and me know that in 20 years or 30 years of marriage, it’ll be gone away, right? So, let’s talk about personality.

I haven’t figured out about what is exactly the perfect combination of relationship. Is it opposite attraction, or same interests, or opposite characters such as phlegmatic and choleric, or what? Coz I happened to hear any of those stories that works in relationship and marriage.

So, I made a second guess, that personality and physic don’t matter that much on finding the perfect one, when you really REALLY love someone. Somehow, you’ll just make it work. Like a magic, waa-lah! Suddenly she/he is perfect in your eyes.

Now the big question is, how do we make it? How could we make what’s imperfect to be perfect in our eyes? coz romantic quotes sometimes are just like shit, who talks easily without giving the detailed tutorial.

well, unfortunately, I can’t also give the detailed tutorial. Can’t you see the tagline of this blog? “Believing true love” means I’m on my way there, also still figure it out.

Maybe the only thing I can say is…

If you’re willing to figure that out (about believing true love and those novel-based-romantic thingy) with him, then he’s the one. I mean, believing those shits are hardcore, man! True love? I even had Goosebumps when I typed that. But somehow, when it comes to Bandi, I have this extra energy, to believe things that unbelievable, to do things that seemed impossible. So… why not?

Why not figure it out?

I never called him “babe”, instead I called him “nyet” (means Monkey in Bahasa). We fight all the time, talking shits to each other, but we’re damn good at making up. I had a crush on someone else, and I felt comfortable to come clean with him. Lies are not available in our dictionary. We’re best friends. We mock each other all the time. And for all I know, those things don’t die in 20 or 30 or 50 years of marriage.

Let’s figure it out.

I dare you.


4 thoughts on ““believing true love”: Let’s figure it out.

  1. met …

    kalo g ga kenal lu ya..

    terus g baca blog ini..

    pasti deh..

    pasti g cari lu, trs minta foto bareng, n g bakal ngefans berat ma lu


  2. May this is beautiful! ;)
    “we love each other, and we’ll make it work, whatever happens.”

    so often it is thought that true love is for extraordinary couples but really it is for all. In alignment with what is true and believing it can be so for you –it is already coming to you !!

    All it takes is two to believe true love, and meet in the middle at the center of Love. Commit to one another in the every day and know that Love is the third person –the glue. Then you just practice together.. it’s not perfect but ‘it is together and very Real’ ;)

    Love is the platform which holds both of you, it is the soft space in one another when you are apart, it is constant and true.
    hugs, Jenn

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