Ten things I (and You’ll) hate about LDR

This post is written for people who are about to have a Long Distance Relationship (LDR). It is a MUST to read this post if you’re about to have an LDR. if it’s your friend that’s gonna do the LDR, tell him/her to read this post.
REALLY. It’s important.
While other people told you “It’s ok, you guys are gonna thru it!” I’d just simply said, “DON’T DO IT!”

Why? now, here are the reasons why I (and you’ll) hate LDR:
(p.s I wrote the 3rd person with he/him, but it also works for a she)

  1. You’ll miss each other’s birthdays. Don’t forget to mention holidays such as Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s.
  2. Long distance phone call sucks! the voice is not clear, it’s always dropped and you almost have to shout when you talk. And you pay quite a money for that.
  3. When you’re down, he is literally not there. And “what’s important is that he’s in your heart” is totally bullshit! Coz when you’re down, you need someone’s body to hug you, to comfort you. 3 Dimensions!
  4. Hugging from emoticon messenger sucks! It was cute in the beginning, but getting really annoying. This is for exmple: I need you to hug me. Here is a hug for you honey… >:D<. Cih! it’s pathetic.
  5. Sending stuffs for a gift across the ocean is expensive. The gift itself will be way cheaper than the handling fee. So you’re gonna put the gift for birthday, valentine’s and anniversary in the corner of the shelf and waiting for him to come back.
  6. When he said, “Yes, I totally understand.” he lied. He couldn’t actually understand your situation because you’re in different atmospheres, and he couldn’t feel it. Think about it, being understand in a normal relationship is hard enough. Guess in LDR?!
  7. Yes, you feel lonely when you’re sad. But guess what, you feel even lonelier when you’re happy. Because the first person you want to share your happiness with is not there.
  8. There will be the time when you finally realize that you CAN actually live without him. And that feels sooo wrong.
  9. No dates. Describe your perfect date. Is it dancing under the moonlight, having romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant, or watching stack of DVDs with Pringles and his arms around you. The feeling of being taken out on a date is wonderful. And you’re not gonna have it for at least… err, one year? or more?
  10. You stop making real memories with him. The only memories you’re gonna have is talking on the phone, chatting thru messenger, waving each other in front of webcam. That’s all. No more “do you remember the Italian restaurant that we tried on our 2nd anniversary?” or, “do you remember when we went out without our undies?”

So, my point is…
It’s simply becoz we are far.
We are actually far.

So, is it the distance that breaks us apart? Yes. Sad, but true.

We’re in the different hemosphere. I’m looking at the sun, you’re looking at the moon.
One of us needs to stay up late to have a date. And it’s even a cyber date!
You’re just looking to a piece of electronic called monitor, which doesn’t have arms so it can’t hug you, and doesn’t have body temperature so it’s not warm like u.
It’s even better u’re going to the moon so the time could be more flexible.
If I was dying, u need at least 32 hours to get here, and I’m dead already.

It’s been over a year. Nothing is better. And nothing is adaptable. It still sucks the way it sucked a year ago.

And the saddest is this…

There will be the time when you realize that you can live without him and you’re okay with your life.
And that feels so wrong…and sad.

So, when I told everyone who asked for pre-LDR advice “don’t do it”, I wasn’t joking. I humbly said there’s nothing good come out of it.
I had to tell you the ugly truth.
So, if you don’t love the guy, or the girl that much, DON’T DO IT. It’s like suicidal.

But if you’ve read this post and still wanted to do the LDR, well… You must have loved him/her so much. :)

So, May… if you hate it so much, why are you in one?
“Hmm… I love him that much.”


7 thoughts on “Ten things I (and You’ll) hate about LDR

  1. wkwkwkww..
    memet” .. mumed” tetep kreatif bkin blog.. sundul dl neng! :D

    Totally agree for your “10 things I hate about LDr”
    Yang paling ngena it jstr point no.10 haha.. Jd inget masa” g LDr dl :p

    But the most important, even you have 10, 100, 1000, or 1million reason to hate LDr, u already “IN” it, so keep struggling to touch the finish line..

    I know u won’t that easy to give up on this hehe..

    Lagian ql lu sampe berhenti tengah jalan, g siap pulang indo bawa palu gaban buat getok kpala lu koq.. :))

    Smangat nyong!
    Ql lg mumed, kesel, pgn marah, pgn nangis, bkin blog aja, ntr pas smua da lewat, lu pst ktawa” dah bacanya :))

    Keep writing yaq! ^^

  2. Hey ina darling, where u been?!
    so excited to see some spirit on going to LDR.
    You’re gonna need to open my blog soooo often! Hahahah!

    yeah, I know, pei…
    I’ve written these reasons on my PMS period. X)

  3. Hey..it’s truly true..
    that’s why i quit LDR many years ago..
    but then it be my deepest REGRET of my life, coz im totally go insane..

    **thanks to be there may that time,right beside me until now :)

    that’s why i always remind u
    “once u decided to do it,,u hev to keep ur commitment and go through it!
    cause seriously, Y O U W I L L”

    believe in u may
    LDR is always sucks as it is..
    but how we can survive and prove to people out there that this kind of love exists is the most amazing part

    it isn’t a really negative blog anyway..for me..it’s just real.
    keep writing dear ^^

  4. ih ih ihhh…all of them are so trueeee!hahahaha
    but, no can do amigo.jalani sajalah..
    keep up the spirit mayyyyy!smangatttt! :D

  5. Better do LDR that way than stopping ur commitment for a while and try with someone else and promising to be back again someday, that’s far away more bullsh*t haha… Love will find it’s way… however…

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