A sanguine’s gotta do what a sanguine’s gotta do

I’ve always been a dreamer.

And I’ve always been a writer.

Being a teacher is nowhere in my childhood diary.

So, when I grow up and I enjoy teaching so much, I thought I was out of track.

I had to move out from teaching track and have a professional career as a writer.  So, I took a job as a journalist in the greatest magazine company in Indonesia. I owe myself to try my childhood dreams.

I had fun, had lots of great experiences of travelling some places. But yet never wrote anything from my heart. I wrote coz I had to wrote. Not because I wanted to.

And writing with pressures with so many rules is no fun, yet not the best outcomes.

So, suddenly, because I felt sorry with myself and my abandoned blog, for instance I quit my job.

Now, 3 days from the minute I made that decision, I’m so relieved to be filled once again with so many teaching ideas, and finding out that, not doing your childhood dreams aren’t always wrong. Loving other jobs beside your childhood’s expectation is very much okay.

So what if I love writing but not deciding it as my career path? I can always write in my blog or publish a book someday (AMEN!)… But I know I will always love teaching. So excited to be back!

Even though most people questioned and doubt my decision… Yes, I quit from Feminagroup, and I feel okay.

Thanks for everyone who support me for going out of track. Expect the unexpected coz, hey… life is full of unexpected things.

No risk No Fun.


3 thoughts on “A sanguine’s gotta do what a sanguine’s gotta do

  1. as i mentioned on FB
    welcome back to the earth
    cia you meitli
    life is once
    once is enough if u do it right
    so your action your choice
    it must be right
    cia youu

  2. You know I always supported your decisions. It’s a very brave move yet sometimes you must push over your limit to see how far you can go!

    All I say is welcome back to the jungle, sista! My thoughts are with you. :)

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