Pizza tracker at Dominos: We should be total for every Job!

LDR couple like my boyfriend and me should be creative to maintain our relationship. So on Saturday morning (in my time) and Friday night (in his time), we were both hungry and too in love to leave each other (probably sounds better than “too lazy to take our bums up”) to get out and buy meals. So, we decided to order pizza to the closest pizzeria.

I called Pizza Hut which came 25 minutes later with my pizza. And he browsed some pizzeria websites and decided to order online at which later on became a very interesting topic for our lunch/midnight supper. :D

He ordered Cali Chicken and Bacon Ranch Pizza, which seemed droolicious! After he clicked “place order”, something showed on his screen and it amazed us.

It’s the Pizza Tracker!!! The pizza tracker showed us personally who costumed our pizza and who would deliver it.


After the “Bake” part was finished, the pizza tracker informed us that Clarissa, their professional delivery girl is on the way to the apartment. It was very exciting to us (sounds better than corny) and my boyfriend even opened the google map to find out where is Clarissa now.

pizza tracker It was very easy to get meals nowadays, you’re just one click away and 20 minutes later, the pizza is on your hand!! The Pizzeria, Dominos, asked a personal question about Clarissa, the girl who delivered the Pizza and Shanna, the girl who baked the pizza about their box

That experience with Dominos make me realize why American people are so devoted to their profession, even it was only a pizza delivery guy or dishwasher or cab driver, because they all are personally appreciated and motivated by whichever and whoever concern them.
Any professions in America are encouraged. If you were happy to be a painter, then so be it. If your passion is being a care-taker of the zoo, then be proud of it! Freedom country doesn’t mean to be always negative. It goes back to how we see it and how we responsible to the freedom itself.

I’m aware that now Indonesia adopts so many western lifestyle and ideological thinking, especially for teenagers and young adults. I wish that we can be clever enough to adopt the good side of westernization. Don’t take the hedonism, take the freedom. Don’t follow capitalism, follow democracy!


2 thoughts on “Pizza tracker at Dominos: We should be total for every Job!

  1. Yeihhhhhhh
    it was awesome
    it was my first experience using online order
    and it was really fast… hahahaha *slap*
    but the thing is
    all American are known as lazy people
    it is true for the young people
    but when they are already responsible for their own life
    find a job and feed their selves
    they become mature
    and be a professional with the job
    it also supported by the company who always gives incentives and motivation to workers
    CHIN UP!!!
    Go Forward
    jangan bisa ngekopi barang jelek aja
    contoh lah juga profesional kerja
    jangan hanya korupsi dan enak2 kongkang kaki sambil minum kopi dan baca koran
    kerja yah kerja…
    give your spirit and your will
    we will be one of the best in the world
    INdonesia tanah air ku…

  2. wkwkwkwkkk..
    ini gw kira teh blog ttg kalian b2 lagi.. taunya jd ngomongin negara hahahhaa..
    kayaknya kalo soal personality dlm dunia kerja, org US mank paling top marakotop deh..
    kayak di sg sini, org2nya si rajin kerja, kerajinan mala sampe ada yg sabtu masuk sgala (termasuk company gw hihi), tp ya itu, mereka ga pandai dalam memberikan motivation sama employee.. n disni terlalu individualis, no team work..
    makanya, org2 luar, khususnya org indo yg kerja disni, pasti usaha cari MNC, biasanya fasilitas hdpnya terjamin, dr insurance sampe hal2 kecil..
    Tapi, stelah gw kerja di luar, mata gw jg kebuka, org Indo disni awalnya memank diunderestimate gt, karena negara qt kn mank terkenal busuknya tuw,, :(
    tapi setelah recruit org Indo, mereka pasti nyandu buat recruit org Indo lagi,
    why? because they argue that Indonesian people are intelligent, discipline, and terkenal ramah huehehee..
    so, still be proud of Indonesia! :)

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