This is how I’m missing you.

As the leaves fell and the wind crackled them,
I smiled to myself remembering you.
How we used to walked hand in hand,
While we tiptoed on the leaves.

I couldn’t remember your face.
But I could smell your scent still lingers on me.
And I could picture your smile and somehow hearing your weird way to laugh.

I don’t miss you.
But I miss your company.
I miss to have a trolley full of chocolates and potato chips on the supermarket.
I miss to be stared unbelievably by the waiter when we ordered four sets of meals for two people.
I miss to do every stupid bets involving yucky gross things on Sunday afternoon.
I miss to just simply watch movie with you or dance with you or ride a bike with you,
Coz somehow those things don’t feel right without you.

I don’t need you.
But I need your spirit to strengthen me.
I needed to share my fear, my tears and my laugh with somebody.
I needed to give my affection and my emotion to somebody.
And in some point, I’d need you to be here with me again.

I eventually forgot your details.
But yet I remembered how it felt.
And how real those all were.
I forgot your hands, but remembered how it perfectly fit mine.
I forgot your lips, but remembered how soft it was when it touched mine.
I remembered how your heart beat when I laid my head against your chest.

So, every time I walked by the falling leaves,
I just needed to imagine you beside me.
Believing that someday, you will actually there.
Because you will always be where I am.

With Love,


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