Discovery from the Treasury…

I love travelling! Not the trip with the vehicle, but the times I’ve spent in different place, especially with best friends.

I’ve discovered some amazing things during my times there.

1. Indonesian culture is gorgeously breathtaking! It’s sad to see the heritage has been wrecked by the earthquake. =(

2. Indonesian people are extremely creative!!!

3. Sea is still scary to me, yet beautiful.

4. I’m deeply concern that since “wisata kuliner” has been aired on TV, I’m food-oriented. But still, Palembang’s food is the best baby!

5. Abang-abang Becak in Jogja are freakishly strong!


6. He’s always on my mind everywhere I go. So… I think it works both ways. =)


2 thoughts on “Discovery from the Treasury…

  1. senang d bisa liat kamu travelling honey…
    mana tau taun dpn nanti bisa jalan2 lah nyakk….
    dan bener kan makanan palembang numero uno
    we have to travel around the world and compare which one is the best country for food…

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