Another Long Distance Relationship Post

Long Distance Relationship Sucks!

I know I’ve written those words hundred times. But why am I still in one? And if you all think it really really sucks, why are you still fighting for it?





Monica Yuan.

and especially Shiulen, who had been up and downs with it, and who saved my ass from the fire. ;p

This post is created for you guys! And for those who will have an LDR.

Some of you might have a very long conversation with me before about this shit. And however, you’ve forgotten it, becuase I still had some curse and complain about it, which is okay! Because I, too, called my bestfriend in the middle of the night and cried.

(you would never turn off your cellphone as long as
Bandi is still in Texas, Len!)

Just open this post whenever you think you have reached your limit and you’d find out, it wasn’t your limit, it was just your emotion because you love him (I use male’s phrase) so much but you can only see his face on your fuc*in monitor and sometimes it was even call-dropped!

I want you to think of the times when the two of you said your last goodbye and how you were very sure that someday, you’d see him again. I want you to remember your promise to yourself that you wouldn’t be that stupid to stop loving him just because you’re on different page of atlas! And don’t even let me start about your words to your friend that ‘you can do it’ and your friends made those frawn upon you, but you thought ‘hell, I’m really gonna be through it!’.

Come one guys!! Love is struggling! And we have each other’s back!

These are things I’ve been thinking of when those damn hormones aren’t working:

  1. Understanding. It’s really REALLY important. If you think that he’s so selfish and not understand you first, you’ve really got to quit this LDR! (Yeah, Len.. I know, It’s your words! You should make your own blog!). You have to stop counting how much you suffer or how many tears you’ve drop for crying all night. Because you need to lengthen the compromise line when you’re in LDR. I know it sucks guys! But, how bad do you want to be with him? how bad do you want to survive? If you want it that bad, COMPROMISE FIRST!
  2. Good Times ONLY. Yep, while you’re in LDR, never NEVER think about bad times! Because you’re not in the same place where you can hug him or touch him to make him feel that you love him or make you feel that he loves you. So, there’s no romance in LDR. You can curse about it, but remembering bad times would just make you suffer more coz you can’t do anything to fix it! And all you need is to remember your good memories with him. And trust me, it’s really working!
  3. Stop fighting over simple stuff. It’s really hard, especially for me, the one who always pay attention to simple things. And when you’re in LDR, your relationship with him would only involve messenger, video call, phone call, and emails. So, you won’t complain about his bad habits in real life, such as: making your room messy, dress really clumsy to dinner, or buy you a coca cola instead of strawberry milk. You would find simple things mattered more, such as: he mistyped “I love you” to be “I loev yu” or he kept moving while he’s on the phone with you so the signal is gone. I know it’s all annoying when it’s all the only thing you do with him, but… this point is coming back to point 1, compromise more!!!

One thing will always work for me is…. seeing my pictures with him.

a long way to heaven

a long way to heaven




He’s the only person who could make me laugh like this.

He made me happier than I ever thought I could be.

And I need to spend the rest of my life, laughing like that.




but we'll get there!

but we'll get there!




Why bother the distance and the hormones?


While the happiness in my life is to see his smiling back at me when we’re meeting again at the airport someday.






Maybe you’re the lucky ones.

God really loves you so much, then He gave you this drama to conquer. So, think about it… If you can get through this, there’s nothing that you can’t face together with him! And the two of you will be very VERY proud.

To quote Bandi:

It’s just temporary… And it’s all gonna be sooo worth it.


Still hanging in there?

Just buzz me on my messenger, or maybe join me in hundreds of crying night in front of the monitor. :p


15 thoughts on “Another Long Distance Relationship Post

  1. Iya dan kamu membuatku bangga
    dan aku harus berterima kasih bnyk sama kamu
    kamu bisa dan menjawab semua itu

    aku sungguh bangga sama kamu may
    mudah2an AMIN yah TUHAN
    kita bisa melewati semua rintangan yg sangat mengganggu ini nanti nya

    dan benar semua kt2 meitri
    LD kompromi harus tingkat level 23

    dan pengertian yg penuh
    dan semua hal dikorbankan

    dan kejar terus mimpi kamu
    jangan menyerah
    karena aku selalu dukung kamu

    see u tonight meitri


  2. meitri, bandi…
    gw salud ma lo ber2… hehehe…
    ya gw ga tau secara detail perjuangan lo b2 lewatin masa2 sulit (gw bener2 ngerasa ini masa2 paling sulit slama gw pacaran) hehehe…
    tp liat lo be2, kayaknya gw jadi lebih positive thinking hhehe, so, byk2 share cerita lo b2 yee, kn lumayan jadi inspiration hihi…
    thx a lot 4u, may…
    really hope, what we call “LOVE” now, it will be the only reason for being tough…

  3. It’s really really touching when i got *beep* on my phone and i’ve one new message from my soulmate seems like this :
    “len,gw buat blog khusus buat lu nyet (thx may bwt panggilannya)..n lu harus tulis komen ya”
    i never ask for more!!
    “another long distance relationship” is awful..terribly loves it. proud of u may,,could be someone very different (getting better) in a short term..
    i thought everything already written CORRECTLY..hihi.
    but,may i put lil additional words for this post??
    should be :)

    ***if u’re in a LDR..u SHOULDN’T say something like
    “i wanna break up with u” or
    “i’m tired of our relationship” or even
    “i am not in love with u anymore”
    if u DON’T really mean it!!
    There’s no second chance for u to pull back ur words..(may is just one of the luckiest gurl to have bandi,,lucky again)
    so,,keep ur mind positive even u’re on PMS,bad emotion,etc
    i remember sum1 told me : if u’re going to love someone and u want ‘reward’ after u fighting for’s not love,,but it was bussiness.
    at the end,,
    always thinking BILLION times before u said it. or u will regret and deeply fall to the worst situation, sending ur love to the box called R.I.P [believes me, losing your relationship which was half of yours is sucks]

  4. Shiulen, You really should be there when I pick him up at the airport. You promised me, honey! hehe

    Don’t forget to bring video camera, you’are about to see the greatest drama! Huahahaha

  5. hohoho..SURE!!! i’ll be there..cying together with the most-greatest couple,,ever..on my hands,, hanging a video cam and also a tissue or a handkerchief (coz i’ll need it,,hoho) when i see something terribly INCREDIBLE..more than twilight,,serendipity,,ps: I love you,, love actually,,more than EVERYTHING as many drama queen films did..coz your LDR journey is REAL and already done well at that time!!
    can’t wait till that day may,,,keep fighting for ur LDR..n i’ll stay on my phone to give u big spirit to survive altough anyone don’t..keep dreaming may till that dreams comes true :)

  6. eh3.. mau donk kenalan ma shiulen hehehee..
    postnya ngena banget ne k gw.. hihihihi..
    coz I did.. n really feel bad when I read ur post.. :(

  7. wow,this post is trully inspiring..i maslf am in a LDR he’s miles away from me.sumtyms panick n lose hope..but this post will def keep me goin..coz i do love him n i wana mke t wrk..

    great post.thanx.

    • Come on, you can do it!!!
      As I said, you can always buzz my messenger when you’re down.
      If you’re really in love with someone, everything is worth doing. :)

  8. hey love your post. thank you for being so positive and giving other’s hope that LDR can work. i’ve been with my man for nearly 3 years and now he went away to manchester while i’m stuck here in Malaysia. LDR has taken a toll out of my life. i rarely eat and i have no mood to go out. instead i’ll just wait by my computer for the skype call to ring. heh. pathetic i know. but the timing is really hard, and i miss having him around. he’s quite busy and i have to understand that which made it more difficult. but i’m glad yours working out fine babe.

    • Hey Nadia…
      Thanks for reading my blog.
      I know exactly how you feel. and seriously, unlike most people who said that for showing symphaty, I really do know the feeling!
      But hey, If you really love him, everything is worth trying!!! ^^
      Best of lucks with your LDR!! Keep me posted, k?
      I was planning to have some kind of LDR forum. :) Keep visiting! ^^

  9. Dear May,
    I adore your positive spirit and your leading light for LDR couples. You are a gem! ;) It is refreshing to find another with such character and willingness to protect love and to walk it through, while ‘being willing’ to wait for the best reward of all – ‘togetherness’.. It’s not easy, but you’re right its worthwhile! ;)
    This post is for you: for your lovely site, and for a blessing on your own relationship ;) I want to remind you as you encourage others, just how close you are to your own dreams coming true! ;) It’s wonderful to see more leading lights in the LDR field! :) Hugs,~Jen Zuniga

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