Kimiko Ishizawa!

I know and love a lot of children.

But there is only one child that I’m happily proud of.

She’s my lovely cutie 6 years old niece named Kimiko Ishizawa.

Adorable Miko

Adorable Miko

She loves me so much, as much as I love her.

And even though she played her NDS a lot! She still get the best grades in school! She is the second of the best on her school!

with my doggie

with my doggie

Mikoooo! Auntie’s so prouuuud of you….!!!!

And you know what’s the cutest thing?

My boyfriend just called. He just bought a barbie. Then I aksed him, “WHAT did you buy?”

Barbie.  I promised it to Miko if she got good grades.

=) and I just smiled. I can’t believe he remembered. And would really do it.

Now I’m so proud of my boyfriend too!!! XD hehehe.

Hugs and Kisses,

Auntie Mayme-and-kimi1

6 thoughts on “Kimiko Ishizawa!

  1. I want to know
    tell me honey

    I just don’t want to wave with my promise.
    because kids don’t like to be lied

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