How cyber sex made everything unfriendly

Things are getting really out of hand, lately. Mutilation of human’s body, Politician’s public afair, High School Students’ sex video, (fuckin) terrorists, children been raped, blah blah blah.

I noticed that this world is getting crazier everyday!

Since I’m activately onlined everyday, I also see that the insanity is not only in the club everynight,  watch two strangers making out, or even having sex.

It’s all over the Y! Chatroom and MIRC.

I was a chatting freak when I was late junior high and in early high school. Everyone was friendly (world wide!) and we learned each other’s culture, language and shared every possible experience. I even had cyber boyfriend in Canada, we were virtually dating for 3 months. =)

When I entered the chatrooms these days, the only thing I get was a webcam invitation involving pussies and penises.

They’re becoming wayyyy too friendly!

I took a sample by chatting with two of them.

One is a 34 years old man, married, have one child, live in USA. He whined about the unsatisfaction with his wife.

Hello!!! Cyber sex doesn’t have the answer!  The Psychiatric has!

I aksed whether he feels guilty about the cheating, and he said it’s not even a cheating. And when I asked more about it, all he’s talking about is how big his dick is! Yucks!

He doesn’t even know who I am, and he shared his deepest secret with me. I might be a bearded man!!!

Two, is a 25 years old Australian boy. He said he liked to have sex with his friends when he’s horny. (WHAT?) And he said cyber sex is the same with watching porn. It’s not a sin and it’s legal and it’s everybody’s needs.

I think what he meant about the similarity is both of them ended with masturbation.

What’s wrong with people and this daily cybersex?!!! They do it almost everyday!!! Don’t they have life?!

And virtual connection (like friendster and the others) also get some of the impacts. Everything about meeting new people in the net seems very dirty and slutty. and it’s not friendly anymore… I personally hate it!

I’m not a saint, but at least i won’t do anything like it with a total stranger. But even though we do cyber sex with our boyfriend/girlfriend,, is it a pre-marital sex???

Because cyber sex means we’re involving other people in our sex activity. And if we do it with our boyfriend/girlfriend, is it a SEX however???

My boyfriend said, “We have to stay sane in this crazy world, baby!!!”

Keep on believing honey!

Every comment about this thingy is very welcome!!


2 thoughts on “How cyber sex made everything unfriendly

  1. Yepp
    That’s Right Honey
    100% right
    The world is already affected by many negative things
    So For sane people in all over world we must keep fighting
    and Keep on Believing

    Love You Honey
    Forever n Ever

  2. Meh.. Its all about anonymity I guess. When you’re anonymous you don’t care what other people think about you. IMHO its a common human affliction. Take our first semester for instance.

    We didn’t care if we had only met the person 3 seconds earlier, and we’ll go to lunch together even if no one else is around anyway. 2 strangers, awkwardly smiling at each other. Compare it to our last semesters – if someone you knew but wasn’t in or even remotely anywhere near your social circle, then you’d maybe say yes, but you’d also think they were weird.

    Anonymity is a funny thing. But its also very fun.

    Granted, the examples you’ve given were rather icky. But its the internet. What do you expect, really?

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