Why Long Distance Relationship SUCKS.

I really wanted to watch this movie, twilight. I’m a romantic person, likes to do romantic things, and of course like to watch romantic movies.

So the twilight movie is totally a-MUST-thing.

I’ve been avoiding movie theatre. Becoz I always visited it with my boyfriend for the last 2 and half years. He’s a movie addict, but now he’s been far away. And i see my ticket box, the last time we bought the movie ticket was October 2nd. It was on jakarta, we watched ‘Awake‘.

So today, i watched the ‘twilight’ movie with my friend, Leony. We enjoyed the times, laughed a lot about her stupidity on looking the wrong hour. XD

However, I enjoyed the times.

And enough with the prologue.

This is about Long Distance Relationship.

When you have long distance relationship, you’ve started to do things you usually did with your boyfriend, with someone else. could be with your friends or family.

And i won’t say it’s not nice. It’s just… you’re becoming losing the connection about doing things together. daily routines or daily activities, which actually a very important part to make you whole.

You begin to watch movie with somebody else, shopping with somebody else, try new restaurant with somebody else, go on vacation with somebody else.

you make new memories with other people.

And your memories with your boyfriend begin to fade away, when the only new memories you make with him is only involving emails, phone calls and yahoo messenger.

He’ll meet new friends, then you start to get confused with their names, because it becomes so many day by day. You also will feel tired when you tell stories about your new friends and he keeps asking, “which one is ***(the name of person)?”

I just did the LDR for 2 months. Still have 3 years to go. I know I should’ve start with positive thinking. But I’m a girl. And these are what girls do on their pms period. XD *laughing*

I must say the people who survived LDR is people with big heart and very brave. I salute you! Coz right now, I’m still holding on my faith with him to keep doing this Long Distance RelationSHIT.

Anybody wants to comment on LDR thingy?? I really welcome!


14 thoughts on “Why Long Distance Relationship SUCKS.

  1. ooouuugghh may…
    all the things u said r absolutely right..long distance relationSHIT is sooooooooo SUCKS…..
    but sweatheart… i know u can get through with this..
    just 3years right? i know u’ll think like this.. “cuma 3thn???maksud louwh???…” hahahaha… inget kata org tua “kalo ude jodoh, ga akan kemane…!” gt say..

    keep thinking positive ya may…

  2. Your Story Makes Me NosTalgic about This Thing!
    But Amit2ly and Choy2ly! hahaha For The Sake of God I JusT Don’t Want To Do it Anymore! Tired, sad, suspicious, curious, alone, and also kisses hahaha ALL Is About Missing Him Badly! You’re Gonna Feel That Believe Me! Cause You’re On It! ^^
    But Don’t Worry! JusT Fight For The Sweet Love!
    The Key Is :
    Keep Building a Huge Relation And Communication Both of You Exactly!
    Keep Trusting And Support Each Other!
    Trying To Underestimate This Distance By Saying “I’ll Always Love You”
    Keep Harmonizing with illusionning that you’re always stay with him everyday! and just Don’t Forget To Tell Him this words Of Course!
    Sounds Crazy And Insane, But TrusT Me You’re Gonna Love ThaT and Time Will Ease Your Pain Drastically!
    Gila Gua kayak pakar Geneh may! Seru yaq! hohoho
    JusT Hope Everything Is Gonna Fine! And.. Just Fine Friend! ^^

    Famous Motivator, (:P)



    dan gw ngga akan menerima alasan ngga ada pulsa.

    moving on, I would like to congratulate you on this new blog WHICH YOU DID NOT TELL ME ABOUT PADAHAL LO BIKIN POSTING TENTANG LDR!!

    AS YOU KNOW, I’ve been away from my boyfriend, WHOM I LOVE LIKE YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW ANNOYINGLY MUSHY I COULD GET, for more than 6 friggin’ months now. Yes, it’s not easy. In fact, it actually makes you feel constipated followed by severe migraine sometimes. I’m lying. it’s MOST TIMES.

    Anyway, there’s no secret on how to deal with it. You just do.

    Mungkin analoginya seperti mandi. Kalau lo terlalu mikirin, ampe menetapkan aturan segala tentang bagaimana urutan hal-hal yang harus di lakukan saat mandi (seperti nyabunin dada dulu, baru ke perut, baru deh tangan, terus kaki dst), you’ll get frustrated because you’re trying too hard to get it right.

    so the best thing I could share with you is that you just go on living your life -yes, without him being 24/7 beside you,, and you deal with the pain,,, and somewhere between the lines,, it will get easier.

    … dan lo bakal punya pola nyabunin lo sendiri.

    (and that sounds dirty in my head.. ahahaha… what doesn’t?)

    anyways,, obviously I am no expert on LDRs, as I also whine WAY TOO MUCH when PMSing… but I guess it’s similar with working on your thesis; “you just gotta deal with the pain”.

    Besides, it’ll be good for you to get to know your friends in a more intimate level… toh kamu bakal menghabiskan hidup kamu bareng dia… jadi sekarang,, pergunakan waktu yang kamu punya untuk bersenang-senang dengan teman-teman kamu aja.

    Mungkin susah banget pada awalnya, skripsi juga gitu (haha), but I guarantee you, HUMAN CAN SURVIVE ANY KIND OF RELATIONSHIPS IF THEY WANT. So do you want it that bad?

  4. Long Distance Relationship is sucks
    That is right
    I can’t force you to stay in this kind relationship in this crazy life
    I give all of it back to you
    I trust you
    and I always believe in you
    although everything will change from friends,shirts,foods,memories, but i hope our love will never change

    I always support you in everything that you do
    because i love you
    not in my writing, not in lips with love poem
    but with my heart that is always be yours

  5. Oh,,,mei,,, I wish I could have such a sweet rollercoaster love story like yours.. You need to be grateful, just feel the pain and the sweetness of these things, it doesn’t happen to everyone. You are lucky!
    You will get through this though. Just enjoy the time whenever you have to do your things with your friends or family instead of him, because you are about to become someone’s belonging. (yes, i know,,,it still like a years or two but it will finally come!)
    You will see something behind this and it will make you stronger and more independent when the time has come!
    And one more thing that is definitely true, God will always be with you!

  6. hmmmmm…
    komen di atas, pda kasih smangat m lo yee… sdgkn gw aja mampir ksini, gara2 lagi down ma hubungan gw sdri hahahaha…
    why there must be Long Distance relationship??

    ( gw ga komen banyak dulu yak, lagi masa pemulihan hahaha)
    ntr gw bca lagi blog lo, terutama yg soal LDR hehehe…

    LD…. really2 sucks…

  7. I have been in a LDR for 2 years and a haf now and it is hard. , he is in america while i am in asia. , hard oart is you dont know whether he is being truthful to you //

  8. LDR works well as a love drug for couples, if one’s boyfriend/girlfriend have it with someone far away. why? it can stimulating his/her desire for sex. But honestly, if you’re single, you’ll be the one being tortured.

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