A seven years old boy broke my heart

I always knew he’s a naughty student. Sometimes talked a lot, couldn’t sit down still, teasing his classmates or even the teacher.

But he’s smart. It’s always like that, right? Naughty boy is always smart. And girls are chasing bad boys (that have brain). =)

I met Raymond the first time in a reading class. He loves drum a LOT! His hand couldn’t stop beating the pencil case or the wooden box of puzzles.

He and Owen became my favorite reading class.

my fave class

However, he began to like me….very much.

One day, he came to the class and asked, “What day is today, miss?”

then i replied, “tuesday”

He put a frown on his face, “It’s my birthday…”, he mumbled.

“owwwh, I’m sorry, I forgot. Come here, gimme a hug. Happy Birthday!!” I shouted and opened up my arms. He really came to me and hug me.

So cute.

The next day, Ms.Enesh taught him, and gave him task to make a sentence from ‘hug’. And he wrote, “I hug miss May.”

Since then, he always looked at me with his sparkling eyes and blushing face. It’s so cute to know that a seven years old boy really like you. Hahaha! The cutest thing is, he liked to play with my fingers when we’re in the class. Haha! My boyfriend will be very angry if he’s 4 times older. XD

However, we got rough times, when he was naughty and lazy and i was angry to him and he was mad at me and he erased the “I hug miss may” sentence. And when he was started to like me again, he wrote it again. Haha!

He postponed for 2 months. Last week, he came back. taller and more handsome. Every teachers like to tease him and he’s blushing again. Ms.Yuly taught him. Then Ms.Yuly asked him in front of me, “Do you miss ms.May?”

“NO!” He replied. And went to the classroom.

I peek to the class and listened to ms.Yuly, “Why you don’t miss Ms.May?”

He said shyly, “I was lying…”

Aaaawh….that’s cute! then I said loudly, “It’s okay, Raymond… I miss you too.”

He was just be quiet.

The next day, I finally taught him again, after 2 months i haven’t taught him. i was so excited. It’s always fun studying with him.

But something’s shocking me. He was becoming very naughty, saying unpleasant things, acted impolitely, very lazy to do anything, and wrote anything messily.

I was like getting a heart broken.

Later on, I found out the facts that school’s environment changed him a lot. And mommy will move him to another school.

Whoaaa,, I hope he’ll be the nice Raymond I knew. I miss the old Raymond. =)

Children changed a lot during the times… all we need to do is understanding. Never force them or command them to do something they wouldn’t enjoy.


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