and the most embarrassed moment in front of parents goes to…

Today all the first class started on 1 p.m. So for killing time, all the teachers including me liked to tease each other, threw some jokes and danced pretending to be dewi persik of something.

After lunch, I showed them the ‘Toya-toya” moves from the commercial break when a little girl with ronaldo’s haircut (only a few at the forehead) dancing2 and singing, “toya…toya…toyaaaa….”

They laughed so hard and asked me to show to ms.paulin, our front desk. So still laughing a bit, I shouted to ms paulin,, “Ms.Poooo…!” while walking there and still dancing, “toyaaa…toyaa, toyaaa…”

There, sit down nicely, Ivory’s Mom.

Ivory is one of my students.

Both of them looked at me shockingly, while I’m totally caught in the act.


then I just… “hehehe… afternoon…” I nodded my head a bit, smiled awkwardly and stepped back to the principal’s room.

My other friends, Ms.Le and Ms.Enesh laughed so hard in the principal’s room with me.

I was soooo embarrassed that i cannot do anything other than just laughing at my own stupidity.

Guessed Ivory’s mom is  still shock now.

God, it was the most embarrassing moment ever in front of the parents!!!!

What do you think a parent will think about it?!! I mean, I teach her daughter and I danced in front of her!!


And she will join me and Ivory in the class this friday for “sit-in”. Huaaaa!!!!

Wish me luck for the “sit-in”!!!


2 thoughts on “and the most embarrassed moment in front of parents goes to…

  1. Hahahaha That story makes me laugh again and again
    This is one of the reason why i love you so much
    You know ma??( with malay lish logat )
    Meitri, Hope until we both get old
    we can still be “funny” as it does now
    Love YOu Honey

  2. ummmm,…such a cool story ever,rite may????.hey,u still have another cool story,dont u remember this song”my girl hasnt come yet…”. huhahahaha.i just think,always caught in the act is ur fate,babe!!!

    i just cant imagine if we really stay together s’day!!! how crowded this world coz of us!!!

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