the dream job

Before I talk a lot about my students, this is the description of my job…

  1. It’s totally focused on me, as I’m being the center of attention, though the students are (not) always listening to me. Some of them said, “whatever…” or “boriiing…!”. I know, that sucks.
  2. It’s full of surprises! You have no idea what children are capable of!
  3. It’s always turning your nerves on as you talk very VERY loudly. And they still don’t listen!
  4. It’s making you into a great story teller. =) and hopefully turns you to be a great parent one day.

That’s my Job. A teacher. Not so much with the salary, but so much to enjoy. XD

It’s actually not my dream job, since being an activist for Unicef in DRC is my real dream job. But this is how I started it. A phonic teacher in one of the most wanted reading international course in Bandung.

Enjoy my stories!


2 thoughts on “the dream job

  1. Heyyyyy….
    Your dream job is not only this ONE
    You have So many dream jobs
    and it’s my pleasure to remind, support, push and force you to get all your dream jobs





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