One Sweet day,,,

Hari itu tanggal tiga,, which is my lucky number,, that day was the last day for us to spend time together karena tanggal 4 pagi he has to go home for such a long term… (at least it’ll feel LONG for me!)


Dia sering bikin kesel gw (even I know it’s just for fun), sering gak nurut (padahal mnrt gw itu bwat kebaikan dia), sering bilang "terserah" (padahal taw gw gak suka kata itu),, tapi hari itu, he was so sweet! Dia sama sekali gak bikin gw kesel,, bahkan dia bikin gw ketawa all day,, dia nurut semua yang gw minta, and he decides!


Dia yang katanya anti foto,, maw2nya fotobox sama gw,, dia yang biasanya susah disuruh makan,, maw makan banyak hari itu,, en gw seneng banget dia maw ngabisin makanan gw! (you know I really think you’re the cutest when you do that!) Pokoknya he made me so happy all day!

But the thing that really made me glad was… He kept holding my hand… which I’m so loved for being held in hand. Made me feel secure and comfort. He also kept saying that he’s gonna miss me, even it was like for the hundreth times, still worked!


Hal yang paling gw suka hari itu adalah ketika dia finally had to go, dan dia genggam tangan gw, so tight… Then dia nundukin kepalanya, lamaaa banget. Ternyata… He prayed for me! Damn! I almost cried a tear! It was so sincere and touched my heart!


Gw sebenernya gak maw ninggalin beban buat dia pas dia pergi, krn afterall,, he has to go home to his family and please, he’ll come back, May! Tapi mikirin dua minggu tanpa dia… I just think I’m so gonna miss him so damn bad!

Tick-tock,, tick tock,, he had to go… Dia udah janji malem itu maw maen futsal sama temen2nya. Dan gw gak pernah maw come between him and his friend (karena dia juga begitu),, so I have to be less selfish krn kalo nurutin ego gw, I wanted him to stay with me all night. But I’m just not gonna be that kind of girl… Dia bukan cuma milik gw kan… Lagian gw udah spend all day with him… We even watched the movie together… A special movie yang kata dia menginspirasikan dia untuk express his feeling for me. =)


So that’s it. One last hug,, and I wanted to cry actually… Gw meluk dia erat banget,, gak maw gw lepasin, kalo bisa selamanya!


As the words go in my mind: "Damn you for making today so perfect!! And that’s why I’m so gonna miss you like hell!"

He kept his promise, it was one hell sweet day…

I’m so lucky to have him. Can’t wait to see him again!!!

~Dedicated to you,, you know who you are… you asked for one blog, I’m giving you the sweetest one, honey…~


5 thoughts on “One Sweet day,,,

  1. May-May-May
    Kamu Emg paling bs buat orang kangen ya…
    Well it’s a beauiful day but I really don’t want to go home
    coz I know if i leave I will mizz u so much
    Aku nurut smua nya krn semua hal itu buat kamu
    aku ga maw merusak hr terakhir kita ktemu kemaren
    Aku pengen buat kamu kangen ak selamanya *Ha5x*
    I think that day will not be forgotten by both of us
    Coz It’s the first day I ask someone special to go out and take a picture
    You know la I don’t like it
    But for U, I’ll do anything (Hahaha) Apa siyh yg Ga buat kamu May??
    I really mean it when I say it
    Coz I really care about U
    Mizz u already My MaY……..
    Beliin Tiket donk Biar aku bisa Pulang Ke bandung :p
    -Bandi yg lagi kangen niyhh, Tanggung Jawab donk-

  2. maw comenntnya bwt eko aja ah!

    (maap y,may)

    Ko,,I always knew-i believe-that we could fix it!!

    Hahahha..udah lah..

    Guwe bs ngrasain ko..
    that feelings wouldnt go away but it comes more.. till u hv a single-even a very single chance- just to see ur baby…

    jd kangen juga nih!

  3. Well,.,

    someday in the past I never could imagine that this girl who ever got cynical about lovelife would felt such a feeling,.,

    Congratulation May, u’ve already learned How to love, How to miss, How to enjoy when the love WORKed,.,

    lofya gurl?!

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